Deluxe Naturist Massage Prices

Deluxe Naturist Massage

Both in-call and out-call available


45 min = £80
60 Mins = £100
90 Mins = £150
120 Mins = £200


60 Mins = £150
90 Mins = £200
120 Mins = £250

Both in-call and out-call available

How To Book Your Deluxe Naturist Massage

To book your Deluxe Naturist Massage please go to our Booking page where you can see our my available time slots and book instantly. Just book by picking the date and time you want from the booking diary and then just pay on the day when you arrive.

What Is A Deluxe Naturist Massage

A Deluxe Massage follows the same scope as a naturist massage and takes it to the next level. For those that only want the best, most sensual massage. Everything a massage has to offer…

Do you just want to lie back, relax and have a 5-star massage where you can touch back?

You can do that in a Deluxe Massage.

Or do you want body to body contact? Mutual touching? Happy ending? You want to massage your masseur and do to him what he’s doing to you?

You can do that in a Deluxe Massage too.

A Deluxe Massage can be whatever you want it to be.

Key Points

Can be Swedish, Deep Tissue or Sensual, or all three
Mutual Touching and B2B contact allowed and encouraged
You and your Masseur are naked
Both in-call and out-call available

You have other options too!

Couples Deluxe Massage – (2 of you and 1 Masseur)
Want a massage? Have one with your partner or a friend.
Why not share the experience and all the benefits of Deluxe massage.

You and your companion will be taken on a sensual experience lead by your masseur. You will share a pleasure with your partner or your mate. Being in company with one more person makes this massage even more enjoyable.

4 Hand Deluxe Massage – (1 of you and 2 Masseurs)
For when 2 hands are just not enough. We offer a 4 hand naturist massage
2 hands are great, but 4 hands are better.
A 4 Hand Deluxe massage is exactly the same as a Deluxe massage except there are 2 masseurs!

Origins Of Deluxe Naturist Massage

The origins of a sensual naked massage where you can touch back. It’s safe to say that as long as massage has been a thing, this would have been a thing.

Benefits Of A Deluxe Naturist Massage

In the nicest possible way, If you need to be explained the benefits of a naked massage where you can touch and explore then its probably not the right massage for you.

Deluxe Naturist Massage Techniques

In the Deluxe Naturist Massage, again we are naked and fully as nature intended but it adds to the Classic Naturist and allows mutual contact where you can touch and explore, there is body to body contact elements and you can do to me what I am doing to you. Guaranteed to leave happy.

The Deluxe massage as a standard is a very good massage sensual/erotic massage where we are both obviously naked, that allows unrestricted mutual touching, you can explore any part of me with any part of you, there is body to body contact and happy ending and you can do to me what I’m doing to you.
However, and I can’t stress this enough….. all Deluxe massages are a little different depending on who I’m massaging. I take my que from you. And I’m happy to, and do, tailor it to what you want. Fully sensual? Intimate? Erotic? Or All the above?
I also happy to take requests or if there is something specific you want above and beyond the above.

Definite no no’s are… no biting, hitting me or anything of that ilk. I also don’t like my feet being touched. (it tickles and not in a good way) or pulling or messing with my hair. It’s not full escort services so obviously this is not included in a massage price.
Anything else I’m happy to take requests or go with the flow. Its important for it to be natural and comfortable.

What To Expect From Your Deluxe Naturist Massage

Before Your Deluxe Naturist Massage

As always, it’s don’t come to your massage drunk, on drugs, just after having wolfed down a big meal or so hungry you want to chew your own arm off. You want to be in that happy spot where you ate comfortable and you can fully enjoy the massage.

Try and be on time for your appointment. So that means not too early and not late.

So please do not arrive more than 5 minutes before your appointment time. If you want an earlier time, get in touch as we may be able to fit you in sooner. This is for a number or reasons, firstly, we’re not at our studio unless we have a client so If you turn up too early we may not be there, and secondly, our studio is very discreet, and this insures that the only person you will see, and who will see you, is your masseur.

On the flip side, try not to be late, your appointment time starts at the time you book so you really don’t want to be stuck in traffic knowing your actually missing massage time.

As odd as this sounds, before you massage think about what you’re going to do after your massage, you may want to try and leave some free time afterwards, either so you can chill out a little and not have to rush off like man possessed, this is especially true you’ve asked for deep tissue element as this type puts the most strain on your muscles and needs a certain amount of aftercare. Also if you have a little free time after and decide you want to extend your massage, you can do this if you have planned ahead. If your masseur has no appointments immediately after yours then its fine to ask in the massage if you want to extend the time a little.

At Your Deluxe Naturist Massage

When you arrive, you will be greeted by your masseur. Taken to our private room and made to feel at ease.

We will take a moment to ask you about any medical conditions, new or old injuries that may be effected by a massage and make sure you know what to expect.

Basically, make sure you are happy and comfortable, as you will have booked a Naturist Massage, we just quickly need to ensure you know what you have booked and you know the limits of Deluxe Massage.

There will be, of course, relaxing music that will also play for the duration of your massage. If the music type is not to your exact taste, don’t be afraid to politely say, it’s all about making it the most relaxing and comfortable experience for you. The massage room has a lamp and some candles for a thoroughly relaxing atmosphere.

You will then be given a little time to undress, and if you need a shower we have one of those too. Although it’s best to shower before you arrive so you are not using your massage time to shower.

The massage will be a whole-body massage with the exception of your feet, neck and head.

If you want to chat during your massage that’s fine, or if you want to be silent, relax, and contemplate the joys of life that’s cool too. Or you can do a little of both.

Once the massage has finished we will gently remove any excess oil and you can have a moment to center yourself, and then have a quick shower if you like.

After your Deluxe Naturist Massage

With all massages, it’s important to ensure you take care of your aftercare. Especially if you asked for deep tissue within your naturist massage. Deep tissue massage is firmer so is more likely to stimulate the release of toxins. Make sure you keep hydrated.

Deluxe Naturist Massage FAQs

Body to Body Massage

What’s the difference between a Classic Naturist Massage and a Deluxe Naturist Massage?

In a nutshell, the Classic Naturist Massage doesn’t include mutual touching, it’s a ‘one way street’ and is all about you and your senses.

The Deluxe Naturist Massage includes mutual touching and exploration, body to body contact and you can do to your us what we are doing to you.

Can we have Sex in my massage?

The short answer is no. If you want the guarantee of full escort services and sex in your massage then you don’t want a massage, you need to find and pay for an escort.

Booking and paying for a massage and expecting sex is like getting a cleaner and expecting them to redecorate, do your laundry and walk your dog at no extra cost. It’s as rude as it is weird.