Naturist Massage - Gay Massage

A naturist massage, in a nutshell is wheree you and the masseur are both naked.

The Massage can be Swedish, deep tissue or sensual, or a mixture of all three. The main difference is that you are both fully as nature intended. As such this by itself can add a sensual aspect to the massage.

In our opinion this is how every massage should be, both you and the Masseur are as nature fully intended. During this it can range from Swedish, deep tissue or sensual.

This can be just pure relaxation, it can be deep tissue working on any muscles that need attention or sensual. Most people however choose to have a mixture of all three depending on what you want and what you need.

This type of massage does not include unrestricted mutual touching and the masseur primarily massages you with either hands or forearms, this can and is still a very sensual experience. (some minor mutual contact may occur)

If you’ve never had one, our Naturist massage is a whole new level of relaxation.

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