We have a wide range of Traditional and Naturist gay massage services both as incalls or outcalls. There’s bound to be a something that meets your needs.

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Traditional Massage Services

A traditional massage is the type of massage you would book at a spar, all the focus is on you and usually has a holistic or healing purpose. Your Masseurs is always clothed. The focus is always on you and delivering the benefits of your chosen massage to perfection.

No Mutual Touching
Your Masseur is clothed
Underwear or towel to cover your modesty
In-call at our studio only

If you’re gay, getting a massage from a member of the opposite sex can be a little awkward. Getting a massage from a male masseur who’s straight can sometimes be even more awkward at times. With a gay masseur you can relax knowing you and your masseur are on the same wavelength, you won’t feel self-conscious, you can speak freely and there won’t be any awkward moments.
Nobody know the male body better more another guy. Which parts don’t like increased pressure and which areas like a more sensitive touch. And gay masseur will know this the male form more than most men, for obvious reasons.

Naturist Gay Massage Services

Naturist Massage purely means ‘naked’ massage. Its where your masseur and you are fully as nature intended, totally naked. This way you can fully relax as it can sometimes feel a little awkward if your the only one who if in the buff.

Can be Swedish, Deep Tissue or Sensual, or all three.
You and your Masseur are naked.

A Naturist Massage has the benefit of allowing your masseur to massage your glutes and full quads up to your pelvis. It also means if you want it – naturist gay massage services can have a sensual element.

It’s also perfectly fine if you just want a traditional style massage where you can be naked but feel at ease as you’re not the only one in your birthday suit.

OutCall Massage Services