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Massage reviews


Masseur – James



Great technique and such strong arms and hands

“Had a great experience from beginning to end. James was so welcoming and professional. Great atmosphere and surroundings; relaxing music, essential oils, insense and subtle lighting…all added to a relaxing experience. I had the deep tissue massage; great technique and such strong arms and hands, worked every tense muscle on my body! I’ve had deep tissue and sports massages before…this was the best!
I can only imagine how good the naturists massages would be!!
Will definitely visit again!.”

David – May 2024

Masseur – James



Very friendly and great hands

Really worked out some tension in my back, and was warm and friendly – and funny – at the same time. I was quite nervous and he struck the right tone to help me relax. All great!

Grouch – May 2024

Masseur – James




Today marked my first massage encounter and, while I lack frame of reference, the hour was superb & I left relaxed and definitely content – superb

Rick– May 2024

Masseur – James



Great technique and such strong arms and hands

Had a great experience from beginning to end. James was so welcoming and professional. Great atmosphere and surroundings; relaxing music, essential oils, insense and subtle lighting…all added to a relaxing experience. I had the deep tissue massage; great technique and such strong arms and hands, worked every tense muscle on my body! I’ve had deep tissue and sports massages before…this was the best!
I can only imagine how good the naturists massages would be!!
Will definitely visit again!

David – May 2024

Very friendly and great hands

Really worked out some tension in my back, and was warm and friendly – and funny – at the same time. I was quite nervous and he struck the right tone to help me relax. All great!
Grouch – May 2024


Today marked my first massage encounter and, while I lack frame of reference, the hour was superb & I left relaxed and definitely content – superb 
Rick– May 2024

Great Massage

After looking locally for a male masseuse and finding no one, looked further afield and found James. Was 100% worth the 1hr travel time.
James was warm and welcoming and put me at ease immediately.
Genuinely funny guy, I spent the majority of the massage with a dopey grin on my face.
Was constantly checking I was comfortable and was able to focus where I needed him to without any prompting.
Would recommend him and fully plan on going back!
Lee – May 2024

Great Guy

Had my first massage with James. Very friendly guy. Nice set up to create a lovely relaxing and sensual atmosphere. I suffer from a bad back and he gave a strong therapeutic massage which really eased my back. The rest of my body felt great afterwards too after his sensual treatment!! I’m not from the Manchester area but would happily return when back over that way.
Mark – March 2024


After a few hard working stressful weeks I treated myself to a naturist massage. Fantastic service, friendly and made me feel completely at home. Definitely returning
Ben – March 2024

Just what I needed!

Had an out call from James at my hotel in town. I’d tried to book 8 months earlier but timings didn’t allow so I was really looking forward to this time. It certainly lived up to my expectations. James is so easy to chat to and gave me a superb deep massage which my stressed body clearly needed. It was superb and the whole session was pitched perfectly, James intuitively knew what I desired. I ended feeling completely relaxed, content and rejuvenated. Totally recommend this lovely chap who knows what guys need.
Thank you James.
Rob – March 2024

Fantastic Massage

I had the privilege of having a 1 hour massage with James. I was a bit nervous but James has an amazing and welcoming personality. I felt relaxed straight away. The massage was fantastic and James frequently checks if everything is to my satisfaction. The communications and directions to find the studio are very clear. I’ll definitely book again when back in Manchester.
Marcus – Feb 2024


Went in with sore neck and back and feeling very sorry for myself. James was very sensible and dealt with the problems without leaving me feeling battered and bruised. Slept properly for first time in ages. Knows his stuff
Benjie – Jan 2024

Very nice guy polite and respectful

I had the opportunity to see James today. Booked the deluxe wowww what a experience. All I can say left with a big smile. Hope to see u again soon
Nado – Jan 2024


Truly Epic

Had an amazing time with james truly epic will be booking again soon true gent
mufc – Dec 2023


Haven’t seen James since 2020. Had a 45 min Swedish massage – just amazing. He has such a strong touch and I feel like a new man afterwards. Such a friendly guy, easy to talk to! Will be back for sure!
Eddie – Dec 2023

Simply Amazing

The best message I ever had!, james is true professional with magic hands, I felt completely at ease and comfortable. I certainly be booking again
Highly recommend, you will not be disappointed
Karl – Dec 2023

Deep Tissue Issue

Was looking for a deep tissue massage from somebody with the strength to get deeper than most high street massages.
Was not disappointed. First time I’ve been pain-free in days.
Ben – Dec 2023


James was great, and the massage was lovely. I definitely intend to be a repeat customer.
Al – Nov 2023

Best Sensual Massage Ever!

Booked in for an hour sensual massage with Zac this evening. Right from the start the messages with James to confirm the booking were very prompt quick replies and professional. A full detailed description of how to arrive at the correct place was sent. Was greeted by Zac at the door who is very good looking and has a great character too. Made me feel at ease straight away. The massage room was very clean and welcoming. With other massages around this time of year previously I always struggled with the room being cold but this was not a problem at all with Zac. Without me even asking the temperature of the room was kept at the perfect level throughout the entirety of the massage. The massage itself was one of the best sensual massages I have ever had. I won’t go into too much details as you need to try it out for yourself! Was offered a clean shower afterwards. Overall beautiful set up handsome sexy masseur and a professional exceptional service. The only thing I regret is not booking in earlier! Will be back in the future. Thank you Zac and James
Zameer – Nov 2023

Simply wow

Been to see James a few of times over the years and he never disappoints. Great hands, great body and great conversationalist. I was very, very relaxed after my massage. Worth every penny.
Peter – Oct 2023

1st time experience

I had the first massage in my life with James, he was very quick to put me at ease explained everything to me and kept checking I was good throughout, I left happy and so relaxed, I would absolutely reccomend a massage here very content and will definatly be back.
Roy – Oct 2023

Warm and Professional

I was totally satisfied with the remedial massage I received from James. He was friendly, attentive and professional. He made me feel comfortable and left body in a much happier place. I’ll definitely be going back to see him again.
Sean – Oct 2023

Absolutely Amazing

I’ve been needing to get a massage for a while to loosen up from work stress and when I saw James advert I plucked up the courage to go! He instantly makes you feel at ease and creates a welcoming & friendly atmosphere. The massage itself was absolutely amazing and relaxing. Thank you so much James! I will so you again very soon!
Steve – Aug 2023

Delicious and intimate

On a rare visit to Manchester, the dismal summer weather was entirely compensated for by Zac’s warm welcome and magic hands. A deliciously sensual naturist massage, with just the right amount of pressure on my knotted shoulders to balance the lighter touch elsewhere. Zac got close enough so I could feel his gentle breath as well as hands, making for a truly intimate experience, well beyond my expectations. The massage room is well-equipped with good facilities and a relaxing ambience; Zac himself a really nice guy, good to talk to, but sensitive as well to the need for silence. I must try to visit Manchester more often!.
Ozzy – Aug 2023

An aura of calm

I had an amazing experience with James. He has a calm and relaxing aura about him which radiates in his massage. He is most professional and considerate. I feel rejuvenated and definitely needed this after a trying year.
Xetrox – Aug 2023

Deluxe Naturist

Had the privilege of experiencing a Deluxe Naturist with James. WOW. Just that. Sexy, sensual lad. Give him a go. Definitely the best option is the Deluxe Naturist if you want that extra sensual & intimate experience.
Ewan – Aug 2023

3rd visit with James. Gets better and better

My third visit with James now. Some me time in a busy schedule. Fabulous Deluxe Naturist massage. Firm and sensual in all the right places.
David – Aug 2023


James is such a friendly bloke, put you at ease if your feeling nervous. He’s kind, tender and really connects with you. A great sense of humour and genuine.
Nick – July 2023

Amazing Treatment

Another amazing treatment from James. He completely tailors the time to what you need. He’s one of the most talented hands on therapists I have met. He’s so good and what he does and really gives so much care and attention to his work. Highly recommended.
Jim – June 2023

Excellent Massage

James is a very friendly professional and talented massage therapist. I would highly recommend treatments with him. His studio is clean and comfortable. The massage was amazing and he tailored everything to what I wanted. He’s a really lovely, caring and thoughtful guy.
Jim – June 2023

Very Interactive

fantastic massage and very interactive. i would have gone a lot further lol
Luke – June 2023

Great massage. Lovely guy

My first massage with James. Very welcoming good looking and nice guy. Relaxed situation and relaxing 90 mins of firm and sensual massage which flew by. I may well return …
David – May 2023

First time Gay Massage

James makes you feel very much at ease from the moment of first contacting him through to the massage itself. He judges very carefully what you are comfortable with both physically and emotionally through the whole experience. He uses his excellent sense of humour and empathy to give the massage a personal but professional feel. As a couple we were unsure what to expect and his ability to relax you is very skilled. It was a pleasure to experience a massage from someone with considerable experience and the strength to make it effective. I would of course add that James is a very handsome guy (very pleasant to watch and enjoy as part of the massage) in addition to coming across as modest, kind and intuitive. Thank you
Harry – April 2023


Booked with James for the first time this week, and what can I say except Superb. From the first minute I walked through the door until leaving, he was the ultimate professional. The room was the correct blend of soft music and soft lights giving a perfect ambiance. And as for the massage, James knew exactly how to adapt with each movement whether deep or relaxing depending on how my body reacted.
I will be booking again soon. Thank you James.
Marco – April 2023

Awesome 1st massage

James was awesome. I’ve not had a massage before and I will return, deep tissue was firm and bearable. Thanks James
Philip – April 2023

The below review is my first not excellent review in Adonis’s 5 year History. I love what i do, but as gutted as i am after 133 excellent reviews one was bound to happen. BUT… the below review does actually raise some good points. Please don’t be late for a massage, especially if it’s only a 30 mins massage, my location details are right there on my location page and please try not to park miles away when there’s a car park right next door.

Not value for money

£60 for a 30 minute massage. Would have been nice if better directions were given before hand and not just 30 mins before. Also parking was an issue so massage time was lost trying to find parking and walking to the location from the car park. When you go inside the masseuse asks so many questions which kills into the massage as well. The massage itself was okay. Nothing special. Wish I hadn’t wasted my money to be honest. James was nice but looks different to his pictures. Would like a refund but seems unlikely
Zack – April 2023

James Reply – I am really gutted you feel that way wish you had told me when you were here you weren’t happy, you seemed to and told me you enjoyed your massage, but I’m sorry you now feel the way you do. I did however send you the location details 4 hours before and my location details are also right on my location page. I sent that link 4 hours before by whats app too. 30 mins before was when i sent the number of my door.
I am really sorry you were late bud but sadly there isn’t much i can do if to park miles away when there’s 2 car parks right next door. It’s important that you’re not late to a massage especially if it’s only a 30 min appointment as it does have a massive impact. But you did still advised you wanted to go ahead.
When you come to see me for the first time, there’s 4 quick questions that I have to ask. If you arrive 5 minutes early then we can parcel them off in about 20 seconds and they are essential to making sure you have an excellent massage experience. You can see them on the services page FAQs, and again they are only on the first visit.
Thank you on the ‘I’m nice’ part but to be honest i’m not totally sure how to respond to the ‘looks different to his pictures’. I’m often told I look better than my pics and I actually see that as a good thing. You wouldn’t want it the other way around 
I know this was your first naturist massage experience and hope it doesn’t put you off booking with someone else in the future.
Warm Regards, James.

Good One

One of the better massages I have had over the years. Not only are magic hands at play but the environment is excellent.
Graham – March 2023


Great communication. Ensured I was comfortable and relaxed. All in all, great service.
Ethan – March 2023

A fab way to beat the Monday blues

Everytime I visit James it gets better and better his massages are incredible and been in his company is a pleasure 2 def the best masseur around can’t wait till the next time xx.
Jonathan – March 2023

Just What I Needed

I decided to book in a deluxe naturist massage with James since I’ve been dealing with a lot of stress and anxiety recently. From the moment I arrived, James was an absolute pleasure and went above and beyond to make sure I was comfortable and happy with the experience. Mr Phoenix is a very handsome man with a seriously impressive physique, and his skill set was exactly what I needed to relieve the tension I had been carrying in my shoulders (and elsewhere… ;). I have already booked a second session and can’t wait to be greeted with another of his signature hugs. Thanks again James!
Liam – March 2023

Just What I Needed

I decided to book in a deluxe naturist massage with James since I’ve been dealing with a lot of stress and anxiety recently. From the moment I arrived, James was an absolute pleasure and went above and beyond to make sure I was comfortable and happy with the experience. Mr Phoenix is a very handsome man with a seriously impressive physique, and his skill set was exactly what I needed to relieve the tension I had been carrying in my shoulders (and elsewhere… ;). I have already booked a second session and can’t wait to be greeted with another of his signature hugs. Thanks again James!
Liam – March 2023

Amazing First Class Service

You read the reviews and think: are they real? Well, this one is. James is an amazing guy, and brilliant at what he does. Superb at putting you at ease, a first class massage and great company too. Really sorted out all my stiff areas and I slept like a dream. Money well spent, I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Highly recommended!
Matthew – March 2023

Fantastic Massage

Was a little nervous going in but James is lovely and put me at ease instantly. Lovely relaxing room and very quiet. It was a fantastic massage and I slept great that night when I got home. Exactly what I needed. James knows all the right places to touch! Really good looking man and gorgeous body! Shame I don’t live a bit closer otherwise I would be a regular 
Glynn – February 2023

Fantastic Deep tissue massage

I originally booked a relaxing massage which I assumed would just be soft touches.
However, James asked me at the start if I prefer a firmer touch. I’m a big guy so I agreed for a firmer touch. As he was massaging me I noticed that he seem to press harder at certain points of my body. He really did a fantastic job of reading my body.
When the massage was over I got up and felt a little light headed but at the same time completely rejuvenated.
We had a little chat at the start where he went through the process and then at the end gave further advice on what I need to do.
James really is a master of his work and I would highly recommend him
James – February 2023

Amazing massage and Cosy Studio

James is a sexy and lovely man. Absolutely know where to touch and how to touch 
The studio is cosy and discreet.
Zahid – January 2023

Gets better every time!

Met Zac today for the first time in some months as our schedules never seem to coincide however it was like I’d never been away!
He’s one of the friendliest and kindest people around, always there with a smile and making sure you are comfortable and happy.
His massage is first class – he helps identify any problem areas but otherwise he is tactile and gentle and incredibly relaxing while at the same time being incredibly sensual.
He’s fascinating to talk to too, although there are times when I am rendered speechless by his massage! Even though our visits aren’t as regular as I’d like I always look forward to the relaxation and can’t wait for the next time.
Mark – January 2023

Great experience

Easy to find location. Modern and welcoming apartment. James’s profile pics genuinely don’t do him justice. Very masculine and gym fit man. Intelligent and witty. I had a great experience and would recommend James to anyone
Jonny – January 2023

Zacs Reviews 2022

Best massage ever!

After a long break finally went back to see Zac today for the first time in years. What followed in the next 90 minutes was the most intense experience I’ve had for a long time. I’ve had issues with being able to properly relax for a while but Zac’s calm and cheeky manner, body to body contact and gentle strokes did the trick and I felt amazing and full of smiles and totally relaxed afterwards. He genuinely cares that you enjoy the session and will ensure you have an unforgettable ending. Add to that the lovely smelling oil and the calming music and I could have laid there all day! I’m looking forward to getting back to seeing him on a regular basis.
Mark – May 2022

Zacs Reviews 2021

Wonderful experience

I had my first massage today and it was wonderful.The studio was immaculately clean and Zac was very welcoming and put me at ease straight away. He gently guided me through the massage to ensure I relaxed and got the very best out of the experience. He brought me alive again and I felt sensations I haven’t felt for years. The massage enabled me to completely relax and let go of the insecurities I have around the loss of my libido also, it has given me a confidence boost.
Stephen – Nov 2021

Wonderful Sensation

Thanks for the great massage I received zac. You made me feel at ease the whole session, i will be back again 5 stars to you.
Richard – Aug 2021

Nice Massage

It was amazing
Tarek – June 2021

Zacs Reviews 2020

Massage was sensational

Yesterday I had the privilege to have my second massage with ZAC. From booking to the actual massage you are kept upto date. On arrival at his address you are easily put at ease by a welcoming and mischievous smile. During this current COVID crisis there is nothing to worry about as all The measures necessary are in place but not to be invasive even to your experience. The actual massage was sensational. It is clear that Zac wants this experience to be enjoyable and I can assure you he does ensure this. I defy anyone to not enjoy this brilliant experience. I will be making arrangements for my next visit very soon.
Clive – Oct 2020

Magnificent massage

I had the pleasure of receiving a a wonderful Massage by Zac today. What a very pleasant young man. Very friendly and welcoming at their new address which was very upmarket comfortable and relaxing The experience was absolutely fantastic and I have no hesitation recommending a visit. I won’t be waiting long before my next visit. Magnificent massage.
Clive – Oct 2020

Couldn’t recommend enough

 Had a fantastic massage off Zac today, totally relaxing, great setting and well worth a visit. Couldn’t recommend enough. Thank you, I’ll be booking again soon x
Paul – Aug 2020

Zacs 2019 Reviews

Amazingly relaxed and so sensual

This is the first time that I have had a sensual massage and pleased to say I will be back in a flash. This was the most relaxing and sensual experience that I have ever had. Zac was lovely with me, and what has to be the most intensely sensual experience of my life. Wow!
Andrew – May 2019

Best Ever

Both James and Zac are first class masseurs and really great guys. I met James a few months ago and boy was that a memorable hour!
Then I met Zac a couple of weeks ago for a B2B massage which blew my mind. Can’t wait to come over the Pennines again to see either of them or maybe I’ll treat myself and see both
Tim – March 2019

Zacs 2018 Reviews

Fantastic! 5* service

Booked a massage with Zac and I have to say I had a very pleasurable experience Zac is very professional at what he does.He relaxes you and his massage skills are fantastic! 5* service from a good looking guy will definitely be booking to see Zac again very soon and would highly recommend him! Thankyou
Stephen – April 2018



James provided me and my partner an excellent massage experience after a hectic business day. A special thanks for his fluent communication and punctuality that made us feel secure and dealing with an experienced, care taking guy. Our high anticipation turned to positive excitement towards the moment of meeting face to face. And for sure we weren’t disappointed afterwards! I’d certainly book for a new appointment when around next time.

Couple – November 2022


James is a fantastic masseur. Made me feel at ease from the moment I walked into his space to the moment I left. His touch is both strong and tender and I left feeling truly positive and relaxed. Highly recommend.

O D – November 2022


WOW is all I can think of to start this review. James is such a professional and a perfectionist. I guarantee anyone that visits him will not be left disappointed. Even from answering a few questions before I had booked as I was very nervous- he completely put me at ease. He didn’t make me feel like anything was to much trouble. He gave me perfect directions as I was travelling to visit him and also clear instructions to get to his apartment. As soon as I arrived he made me feel completely at ease and asked me a few questions about the massage. Throughout the massage was just pure heaven. I have never ever felt that intensity before in my life. He also does give the best hugs! After the massage he offered me a shower and then give me another hug before I left! He even made sure I got home safe as I was about an hour away travelling. Genuine, reliable and trustworthy guy. Will definitely be back.

Brad – October 2022


Wow had another massage with James and Dillon best 60 minutes I’ve had with four strong hands two naked bodies to did for just a fantastic time will be back soon many thanks

Martin – October 2022 (Service – 4 Hand Massage)


Can you go back twice in one day?! Amazing!

Anon – September 2022


I’m currently on vacation and decided to book a massage appointment with James. It was the best decision I ever made. Extremely charming and fit man; he made me feel comfortable from the moment we started chatting before I came for the massage. Prior to the massage, we went through What was going to happen during the massage to calm me down as it was my first time. Massage was firm and soothing. I felt extremely comfortable as an after effect of the massage. Overall, it’d 100% come back for a longer session if I was in Manchester. PS: he gives the greatest hugs 

Jerome – September 2022


Had a lovely time with James. A very talented and good looking masseur. Also charming person and his place is spotlessly clean. Highly recommend! Can’t wait to book for another session.

Ken – September 2022


Running late but James was great. We chatted about what I was looking for, pressure and type of massage… then a great, great massage, I felt relaxed and comfortable throughout. Definitely book again & again. Lovely guy, very talented, good company. What a great way to spend an hour. Really looking forward to another session.

John – August 2022

10 OUT OF 10

Had my first massage with James and was nervous, but he was calm and friendly and quickly put me at ease. The pressure was just right and really worked away the aches and pains. A really relaxing experience. James’ body is to die for. His pics really don’t do him justice (and he looks great in them) – jealous!
All in all I’d give 10 out of 10 and will be back.

Dan – August 2022


Excellent massage by the very welcoming James. Great directions and lovely apartment. James had a lovely nature to him and is incredibly hot! A ten out of ten experience!

Mike – August 2022


I’ve been looking at James’s website for some time but decided to take the plunge and book a massage. I don’t know why I’ve waited so long! I arranged a 90 minutes deluxe naturist massage and was not disappointed. James is a lovely guy with a gym-toned body and very well endowed! His naturist massage is very interactive so if you just want to lie there you would be better with one of his other massages. He is very good at putting your hands where he likes to be touched – it’s very erotic! I can thoroughly recommend James and hope to see him again soon. I’ve used the word ‘very’ quite a lot, but it’s very difficult to avoid it!!

John – July 2022


After feeling down for a few days decided to book another massage with the best masseur around by a mile and like usual it was the perfect hour of heavenly bliss from the first hug to the friendly chat and the climax at the end I was back to feeling my happy self again can’t thank James enough for been there for me every time I need a pick Me up xx

Jon – June 2022


You can’t beat an hour or so with James. Perfect!

Stuart – May 2022


Had a massage today as I have been suffering with a stiff neck, back & left shoulder (due to a previous injury) … absolutely amazing! Feel like a freshly ironed bed sheet! Highly recommended!

Jake – May 2022


I decided to book myself a treat with the best in Manchester during a recent trip. Being my first deluxe massage, I was a little nervous but I shouldn’t have been. All nerves disappeared immediately upon meeting James at my hotel.

He is an absolute gent and a ridiculously good looking man. The chat, hug and company alone were a treat but the massage itself was something else.

James knows exactly what he’s doing. He’s a true professional and I can guarantee he will leave you happy and relaxed. If you’re straight/curious, I highly recommend – you need to experience James and his manly touch!

Adam – May 2022


Had my first deluxe massage with James – was incredible, can still feel the ‘after-burn’ glow a day later.

Very friendly, chatty, respectful and listened and incorporated what I wanted to explore in the massage. Time went so fast!

Definitely will be back. Amazing space, intimate, crystal clean and relaxing. My back and neck already feel better. You won’t find anything like it anywhere else!

Adam – April 2022


This was my first male massage and I was nervous but James put me at ease straight away. The massage was amazing and far far surpassed my expectations. Everything was handled very discreetly, the studio was lovely and James is a very good looking man which really helps. I would go back tomorrow if I could, I will definitely be going back.

Bob – Nov 2022


It was the best massage I’ve had James is very friendly and easy to get along with will definitely recommend him.

Martin on June 2022


I booked James for a deluxe massage at my hotel. He is a very handsome/sharp dude with a very muscular body. As soon as he arrived into my hotel he gave me one of his famous hugs.  James is a very personable fella, asked me all the questions around any allergies etc before we started and it felt like I’d known him for years.

In terms of the actual massage, it was an amazing truly 5* experience. James was applying the right pressure while his hands were nice and firm all over my body. Being a deluxe massage I was also allowed to touch and appreciate his body all over.  He knew how to get the right touch to get me aroused but not quite explode and he repeated this which I thoroughly enjoyed. At the end when he knew I was ready to go, I was treated to a very powerful happy ending and I literally ended up exploding. I slept like a baby that night and felt so refreshed in the morning. Thank you for such an amazing experience James and I will definitely be back to see you the next time in Manchester.

MI – May 2022


After a long absence I finally got chance to go back and see James to see if he was still as good as I remembered! The new flat is an awesome space – clean, bright but intimate and calming at the same time. James was his usual welcoming charming self – felt like I’d never been away, the guy gives the best hugs and always checks everything is ok before he starts. He’s also in amazing shape and clearly improving with age!
What started out as a relaxing deluxe massage ended up with quite a bit of deep tissue work as apparently I was really tense! Felt better for it the day after though.
Had a lovely catch up chat throughout the massage – it’s like hanging out with an old friend and he has a lovely mischievous line in banter to keep you laughing even when he’s really working your muscles. It’s always clear he loves what he does and he cares about his clients – after such a long absence he was still interested in what I got up to which is always nice. The ending was amazing with the most amazing relaxing hug and the oils used were so nice and fragrant and meant I slept well that night.
Go and see him if you need to relax, chill out and get all your aches sorted – you won’t regret it, I came out with a huge smile and I look forward to seeing both him and Zac again in the near future.

Mark – April 2022


My first time to Manchester and I was still had difficulty to go to the studio. James came to fetch me. We had a brief chat. He is nice, caring and considerate. Knowing that I was a bit nervous, he calmed me down by a brief chat about body condition.His massage skills are great. Would definitely try regularly.

Bruno – April 2022


Great technique, extremely firm, just what I needed. Perfect attention to detail. And a lovely person. Thanks James.

Nick – March 2022


Thank you for such a warm and friendly reception on Saturday. The massage exceeded my expectations, you have a magical touch, and I hope to be back from time to time.

James – Feb 2022


This was my first time having a massage with James and I can honestly say I will definitely be back again. I was somewhat nervous from the very beginning of booking but James was reassuring, friendly and helpful all the way through. James kept in constant contact and was extremely professional. Right from the very start I felt comfortable and I couldn’t recommend James enough! Thanks again James

‘Bob’ – Feb 2022


James gives a great massage. Really knows what he is doing and his way around your body. Thoroughly enjoyed every second. Will definitely be booking again.

Tom – Jan 2022


Two years ago to the day I had my first massage from James and yet again its gets better everytime I visit. He is the most gorgeous friendly guy you could meet, I love been in his company and recommend that if you get chance pay him a visit.

Jon – Jan 2022


Had my first massage of 2022 today another amazing hour with James such a nice guy and the best masseur around by a mile



Wow! What a great guy!
Very pleasant, handsome, professional and charming.
Great conversation and I will definitely return. Nice clean massage room, Knows his way around a body and how to please. Thanks James


I visited James today for a Deluxe male massage with some apprehension as I have tried others and been disappointed. James was so friendly and very welcoming and made me feel at ease straight away. I left feeling revitalized and completely stress free, James you have magic hands. Thank you so much and I will definitely be back x

Shaun – Nov 2021


I am personally quite shy and introverted so meeting new people can be quite daunting. Thankfully James was helpful and easy to talk to and put me at ease, letting me know what to expect up front.
He was very good at sensing where my tension was and wasn’t shy in applying some strength to my shoulders and back muscles which I often find some others masseuses ease off or tire after 10-15 minutes.
Definitely happy with this experience and would be looking forward for a longer session in the future.

Mang – Nov 2021


Another amazing massage I’ve had today from James. One of many I’ve had this year, he’s is such a fantastic masseur and a lovely fella, it makes my day every time I visit xx

Jon – Nov 2021


First time user and I was nervous as anything at the start. James wiped that away instantly: his relaxed, calm manners and confidence made me feel comfortable and relaxed straight away. Skilled and gorgeous, he really made it a memorable experience that I’d highly recommend 

Adam – Oct 2021


First time seeing James, he was friendly and put me at ease straight away.
The massage was brilliant and I came away feeling much less stressed and with relieved muscles.
I’d highly recommend James, I will most definitely visit again.

Gareth – Oct 2021


I contacted James via the Adonis Massage website. Easy to use, easy to book.
On meeting James, I was nervous however I was soon reassured and felt at ease straight away.
An amazing massage really relieved the tension, would highly recommend.

Andy – Oct 2021


James is a really nice guy, who will make you feel extremely comfortable, he knows what is he doing all you need to do is to lay down and relax

Alex – Oct 2021


Never been before and was quite nervous but James made you feel at ease and that everything was ok and that if there was any problems just say. Very professional and well experienced. James is such a lovely, down to earth person and easy to get along with. Never felt so relaxed in a very long time. Don’t think to be in two minds about going… just go, i’m sure you will enjoy it like i did.

Stephen – Sept 2021


First time having a massage at Adonis, finally met James after being unable to follow very simple directions (doh) James was lovely, interesting and caring although he believes 2 tattoos merged together makes one tattoo he is funny and attentive.
Lovely hugger as I was leaving and very attractive. Thanks James, my deep massage after an injury was what I needed and learning that my pain is potentially deferred pain from else we here was super useful.

Tyrese – Sept 2021


From the warm welcome, calm manner and expert touch, my time with James was everything I could have hoped for, and just what I needed. I had the best time with him and am eagerly working out when my next visit will be to Manchester in order to see him again! Communication was great and straightforward from the time of the booking, and everything was done with an air of professionalism that also demonstrated he cares about his clients. Highly recommended and will be in touch again very soon.

Ross – Aug 2021


Hands down to James and Zac for there 5 star massage Service I received from them. This was my second visit, and James and Zac are really down to earth guys and easy to talk to. I would recommend Adonis Massage to anyone they really have the magic touch thanks again guys.

Richard – Aug 2021


Another 90 mins of absolute bliss today with James from his first hug to an awesome ending and all the bits in between. No better way to spend a day off in such a lovely guys company and a massage that takes all the stress away.

Jon – Aug 2021


Had my first appointment with James yesterday – and it certainly wont be the last. He scores on so many levels. He is very pleasant, easy company and made me feel at ease from the start. His massage was excellent – he was really good at judging the amount of pressure needed at various points. And the ending was excellent too. Go on…..treat yourself – I am sure you won’t regret it!

Andrew – July 2021


This was my best massage experience. Once the chemistry worked, from the warm welcome to the relaxed pre-massage discussion, I knew I was gonna love it. I loved it.
Also, what’s better than a masseur who smiles back and listens to you?
Anytime I’m in Manchester, James is the guy to deal with the knots in my body. Thank you, James.

Mart – July 2021


Met up with James today for the first time and what a fantastic guy he is, from the very first contact to meeting up keeping me updated very warm welcome and a nice warm hug to start then what a massage absolutely made my day looking forward to booking again and exploring more options with James would highly recommend if your looking for an outstanding masseur

Phil – July 2021


Was met at the door by James who made me feel totally at ease. No big ego, just a bloke doing what he enjoys…
Have to say, it’s the best massage I’ve ever had. Knew where to touch and how to touch. Left me feeling absolutely relaxed…would I recommend? Absolutely! Definitely going back, worth every penny!

Rob – June 2021


had a social with James last night got to know him a lot better he is such a lovely guy can’t thank him enough and to end the evening had a lovely massage 2 x

Jonathan – June 2021


Amazing person . James greeted me with a smile and hugged me ! Very nice atmosphere, fantastic massage. I don’t have to say that sexy body of James paralyzes . Strong arms, skillful hands …..thank you Spartacus

Darius – June 2021


Had a lovely time with James, who is simply gorgeous. He was so professional and friendly and provided just what I needed after a long day in the car. His hands are so skilled at touching you just as you would want but there is so much more of him to enjoy. His friendliness also made for a fantastic hour. Can’t recommend him highly enough. I will be back, soon!!

Iain – June 2021


Amazing person . James greeted me with a smile and hugged me ! Very nice atmosphere, fantastic massage. I don’t have to say that sexy body of James paralyzes . Strong arms, skillful hands …..thank you Spartacus

Darius – June 2021


I booked in for a massage with James and found the online booking system really easy to use.

When I arrived at his studio, i found parking near by and i had received a text, giving me instructions of wear to go and photos of the door which made it very easy to find. The studio was clean and welcoming and so was James. He sat me down asked me about my pain and was so friendly and funny. The massage was just the right pressure and I left with no aches and pain and I have had non since.

Would definitely recommend James and will be returning again. Thank you and I look forward to finding out how you dungeon and dragons nights have been going.

James – May 2021



I had my first massage today, and naturally I was really nervous. I have to give all credit to James, from the get go he made me feel at ease so I could relax. He spent time with me to answer any questions I had and also gave me a brief overview of what to expect. I could not ask for anyone better. The massage was great, he knew exactly where to focus on and the right pressure. It’s almost as if he knew my body! I’m so pleased I booked him and I will defiantly be back again. Thank you

By Izzy – Dec 2020


Booked a 90 Min Massage with James and what can I say. His Pictures are brilliant but in the flesh he is amazing. He is a true gentlemen when it comes to attitude and persona. The Deluxe massage is not to be missed and trust me it is like no other. Intimate and sensual from the start not just last 10 mins etc. Extremely relaxing and invigorating and on a sensual level is 10/10+

Bob – Dec 2020


I’ve been seeing James now for over 2 years. 

I always opt for a qualified masseur and James has never failed to deliver a great massage, either deep tissue or more sensual depending on my needs on the day. Really nice guy, makes you feel completely at ease with a great bod and firm hands. I would definitely recommend James if you are local or visiting and need a great massage in comfortable surroundings.

Daz – Oct 2020


Met up with James this morning for another massage was great again as always love the touch of his hands all over my bod and he has that body to die for 2 booked already for next month when we come out of lockdown role on December x

Jonathan – Nov 2020


Love having my massage with James always professional, relaxed and great at sorting out my crazy tense muscles. This and the covid safe measures in place make this a lovely hour highly recommended

Chris – Oct 2020


I Had a marvelous 1.5hr massage , I have never used Adonis before, there was good communication confirming my appointment and time and location, the appointment itself went very well with those apprehensive nerves being put at ease with a hug and then with James’s excellent massage skills soothing away the troubles of the day , extremely nice surroundings/massage suite which all helps , although I live some considerable distance away I will be back

James – Oct 2020


James is good looking, well mannered & highly intelligent – great company, scintillating conversation which together with a sensual & soothing massage alleviated all my physical tension as well as emotional & mental. THANK YOU! I was made to feel like a Prince. Looking forward to booking again soon.

Marek – Sept 2020


James made me feel very welcome and at ease from the moment I walked into his clean modern flat.
He has an amazing body and that certainly matches the amazing deluxe massage experience I received putting me on cloud 9 with his touch and taking relaxation and enjoyment to another level.
I will certainly be a regular and won’t forget the amazing homemade sensual oil. Amazing Thanks

Ben – Sept 2020


Firm and relaxing experience in a comfortable environment! My masseur managed to get in to my knots and relieve any tension I’ve built this week. I’d highly recommend Adonis if you’re looking to try something new Or feeling the need to treat yourself after the gym!

Gareth – Aug 2020


I had a deluxe massage today with James and it was truly amazing.
Very sensual and exhilarating….James is one sexy guy…great body…great everything and his hands over my body was just wow…highly recommend..

James – Aug 2020


Booking a massage was a synch with the web booking form. I had plenty of feedback so I knew where I was going and when. On arrival I was warmly greeted by James who immediately showed his sense of humour which put me at ease. The hug that followed was very welcomed after so little contact with people recently which again relaxed me ready for the massage. If you have never had a massage before then you are in for a treat it was firm, relaxing and sensuous in equal measure but don’t worry if it is too deep as James will adjust the pressure to your liking. The masseur was very easy on the eye and held a conversation without being too chatty (after all I was there to relax not gossip).
I came away from the massage very relaxed and quite satisfied with my hours pampering. Needless to say, I will be back.

Rob – July 2020


Great massage from James today after 3 weeks stuck in the house. Starts with his welcoming hug and wonderful touch, had a great deluxe massage, he certainly knows how to play with you with his touch! Left feeling relaxed and satisfied. Those pics certainly don’t do him justice. Will be back next time I’m in the UK.
Martin on 23/07/20


An absolutely perfect massage with the perfect guy James. If in doubt just try it, you’ll not be sorry! – Stu on 23/12


James – a skillful masseur – great hands and personality. I will definitely come back for more. Thanks!
Bob on 10/07/20


Once again James used his magic hands to fix my upper back pain. Always professional. Will certainly miss his magic hands when I move South next year.
Joey On 08/07/20


it was the best massage I have ever had absolutely bloody amazing
He was really nice to get on with very polite and kept checking on me.
Recommended 5* plus
Steven On 08/07/20


James is such a great masseur and an even better guy.
Makes you feel really comfortable right away.
All stresses of the day are quickly forgotten.
Cannot wait to get back!
Worth every penny.
Gary on 20/05/20


Such an amazing experience. I have seen James 3 times. Gets better and better each time. Great massage. Great body. Great personality. 15 out of 10. Highly recommended. I will be back xx
Andrew on 26/03/20


Sensational sensual soothing all my stresses away, leaving me recharged, relaxed, refreshed and ready for more – can’t wait to see you again – many thanks.
Marek On 15/03/20


Booked in with James today. What can I say, I was a bit nervous, he made me feel totally chilled. We sat and chatted about what I wanted from the massage, what areas I needed work on etc.
Set in a lovely secure studio, the scene is set for you to relax and just float away. James touch all the right part. Can’t wait to book again. Would highly recommend.
Andy On 11/03/20


Was my first ever massage and from the minute I walked in James door he was so welcoming and instantly made me feel at ease. James is a masseur that knows what he’s doing, his hands worked they’re magic all over my body. I had the 60 minute naturist deluxe and would highly recommend, the best 60 minutes you’ll ever have. What you see in James pictures is what you get, he’s a well toned fit bodied man with very soothing hands. My first ever massage, certainly won’t be my last and definitely be back to James.
Neil On 10/03/20


Great relaxing massage with a friendly and experienced massage therapist! Thank you!
Adam on 09/03/20


Impressive: a sensational 90 minute session with James!!
I arrived full of tension and stress and left feeling on top form! James positive vibes certainly put me back where I needed to be!
James is professionalism personified: the treatment was worth every last penny; so much so, I have already booked future sessions with him. I would recommend James unreservedly.
Thanks James for the incredible treatment, the chat and for helping me to find my mojo once again!
Alan on 07/03/20


Booked with James after finally linking with him again, once again, I was not left disappointed. Friendly welcome and made me feel at ease from the start till end.
See you again soon.
Leigh on 03/03/20


Met James for a firm massage at his apt near Victoria station. Safe new modern building. Warm dedicated room for the service. Very professional friendly handsome guy. Great massage. Can totally recommend.
Christian on 21/02/20


Had a fantastic massage with James, what can I say apart from amazing, he transported me to heaven and back. Such a lovely guy, he made me relaxed from the moment it started until the very last moment. Highly recommended. Dont miss your chance.
Lee on 14/02/20


I had my first massage with James today. The facilities were great and James was very professional from the moment I arrived. He made me feel very comfortable and is a very skilled professional. I definitely recommend him!
Rafael on 12/02/20


First massage with James to my shame. He makes you feel at ease from the offset, which is a great added service. Opted for the 60min Deluxe: great hands, great body, great smile, great everything (go see for yourself) – and a genuinely nice guy as a bonus. Hope to be back soon!
Rafal on 05/02/20


A very nervous newbie arrived at James’s apartment and was immediately put at ease by a big smile and a huge hug. The massage that followed was brilliant. His “magic” hands relieved my stress and he identified some stress points in my back and dealt with them. I had originally booked for 60 minutes but extended it to 90 minutes as it was so relaxing, I left a very happy chappie and will certainly be back for more of the same. James – thank you so much –
Simon on 03/02/20


What can I say, James’s is normally my first port of call when I visit Manchester, he always arrives on time and communication is excellent and he always leaves me feeling relaxed, in fact, I often don’t want to move when he is finished. Go on guys give James a try, I can honestly say you will not regret it.
Matthew 28/01/20


Met James last week – I was sooooooo nervous but as soon as I arrived he gave me a hug which I though was a nice touch and eased my nerves a little. He explained the different techniques, massages & oils and was soon at work. It was so relaxing his hands are magic enough pressure but not too much.
I don’t know what else I can say other than thanks James until next time
Scott on 24/01/20


Met James today for a naturist massage ,really nice fella, proper handsome, made me feel really comfy, great massage ,recommend highly, 2 thumbs
Ste on 18/01/20


Wonderful – what else is there to say!
Stu on 12/01/20


Incredible guy. So good looking and does wonders with these sexy hands of his. Firm and masculine, an hour or so in this guy’s company makes you feel great for days. Booking in again. Lovely guy too, easy to chat too and makes you feel instantly at ease. Thanks so much James xx
Jonny on 10/01/20


Met James today. James is a very welcoming friendly guy. He performed a very good relaxing massage in his lovely accommodation. Easy to find and good communication.
Will book again – Andrew on 04/01/19


James is absolutely charming, a good looking, well mannered, articulate, eloquent well mannered Prince who instantly puts you at ease, soothing away all aches and pains, releasing/relieving all your stress and tension, leaving you feeling Happy to be alive, bringing sheer pleasure & relief to every inch of your body with his stunning body – utterly irresistible, perhaps even addictive . . . I’m DEFINITELY coming back for PLENTY more . . . loved every minute and want plenty more. Thank you VERY MUCH.
Marek on 03/01/20



An absolutely perfect massage with the perfect guy James. If in doubt just try it, you’ll not be sorry! – Stu on 23/12/19


Just had a fabulous massage from James. Such a lovely guy. Great to talk to and very sexy. I’m going to sleep well tonight. Awesome massage. Shall definitely be booking in again next time in town. 11 out of 10.
Stephen on – 17/12/19


Had a fantastic 90 minute deluxe massage with James. I found James a most charming and sincere guy, who made me feel most welcome on arrival. I would fully recommend a massage with James. Hope to see you again sometime in the near future. – Trevor on 20/11/19


Booked a 90 minute deluxe massage with James. Wasn’t really sure what to expect but from the moment I arrived James was warm, friendly and made me feel welcome. Not only is he a great guy but very sexy and beautiful. The massage was an amazing and sensual experience. I will definitely be returning to see him again. Stuart on 17/11/19


Booked a session with James. The massage was amazing, it left me feeling very relaxed and pampered. I don’t usually treat myself to anything like this but so glad I did in the end. His fingers and hands have the magic touch. – Sahud on 17/11/19


I had a naturalist massage with James yesterday. It must have been the best ever. Totally relaxed me and felt like I was in heaven for 90 mins! He’s deffinitely the best guy I’ve ever been to.
He uses great oils, he’s really friendly, open and approachable and a great guy. His technique is the best ever. Beautiful, clean and safe surroundings and was made welcome and relaxed as soon as I walked through the door.
Also what you see and read on the website is Exactly what you get. My only problem is not living that close to him will limit when I can let him get his magic hands on me. – Phil on 07/11/19


James gives a wonderful massage – this was my 2nd time with James, and massage was great, the right pressure and has great hands! thanks alot – I’ll be back! – Robbie – 22/10/19


I have met James 5 times this year. Every massage is just amazing. I feel the stress flow out of me and sleep so much better afterwards. He is a gem – I love his charm, his wit and the way he relaxes me. He is a sexy guy and I wished I could visit every week! – Eddie on 19/10/19


Having just had my first massage with James, and already booked my next one, I can thoroughly recommend a visit, whatever you are looking for. I arrived tense, stressed and with muscular pain in my back, and left an hour and a half later feeling less stress and a lot more positive energy.

James really took the time to find out what I wanted from the session, and went the extra mile to relax me right from our first greeting. He really does have magic hands and puts all of himself into the session. Amazing, and hands down the best in Manchester! – by Anthony 02/12/2019


I met with James for a 2nd time for the 90 minute deluxe massage at his amazing new location. Not sure if it was intentional but James made this massage feel different to the last time, more sensual, erotic and intense. It showed that James likes to keeps things fresh and not the same making me more excited for a return 3rd visit.
Treat yourselves guys, you will not be disappointed. James is a genuinely friendly guy, makes you feel at ease in his company and is extremely attractive. – Peter on 14/10/19


James did not disappoint me with his massage. I told him to have a firm pressure, but not too firm. The massage was great, he was sensual but he remained professional. I even had a free Peach and Mango green tea. Will definitely book his services again. – Joey – 24/09/19


Just back from a massage with James (14/09/19) this was my first taste of massages and WOW. James straight away was so welcoming and warm. The massage was wonderful, so relaxing and lovely surroundings/ambience. He really is great and I highly recommend him. Thanks alot James and look forward to next time! – Robbie on 14/09/19


Can’t recommend James enough – he is really funny and charming and immediately puts you at ease. He listened to what I wanted and then gave me the best massage I’ve ever had! I’ll definitely be back for more. – Jonathan on 14/09/19


Had a 90 minute deluxe massage with James today. Was a bit nervous at first but was reassured with a welcoming hug. James has a very calming personality and a great sense of humour which helps you relax. He took the time to enquire whether there was any areas that needed concentrating on and incorporated this into the massage, varying the pressure where needed. He is great to chat to and very open so it was nice to get to know him more during the massage. At the end I felt a lot calmer and with less tension in my body and I will definitely look at booking to see him again. – Mark on 23/08/19


James was really welcoming, calming and very professional at the same time. Made me feel very relaxed. The massage was deep and strong and sorted out my back pain. The massage was also very sensual and took me to a euphoric place. I left feeling relaxed, completely satisfied and really looking forward to re-booking an appointment with James. – Jason on 13/08/19


Had a delightful deluxe massage with James. Not only was his hands providing the right balance between sensual and firm massage, his photos do not do him justice / he is a stunning guy and has a great personality.
Fab meet and can’t wait to see him again. – Craig on 07/08/19


Just visited James for a 60 minute deep tissue massage. What can I say – absolutely amazing doesn’t begin to describe the experience. Went for the naturist option – glad I did, so much more relaxed.
James is a really easy guy to get on with, the conversation flowed really easily.
See you again soon…… by Victor 26/07/2019


Visited Adonis this week , had a 90 min body to body massage from james. What a great guy , warm and friendly, made me feel so relaxed in his company. I would recommend and will definitely be going again – by Ed on 21/05/2019


This wasn’t my 1st visit to James & it certainly won’t be my last. Not only is James extremely good looking, but he’s an excellent conversationalist who immediately puts you at ease with his dry wit & humour. Using his own unique style, he was able to release the stress in my back & leg muscles. – by Tony on 14/05/2019


Just been to James for the first time but not the last. A really good Body to Body massage, an hour well spent. James got the right balance between the sensual and the firm stokes that I asked for. He is easy to chat to, open and friendly just what you want. Thanks a million, James – by Ad on 06/05/2019


I met James for the first time this afternoon and what a lovely guy he is. Really made me feel at ease and proved that he is a total master at what he does. I am one very satisfied client who will definitely be seeing him again Thank you- By Bob on 28/04/19


Thank you for my sensual massage. It was absolutely out of this world you’re sexy stimulating touch and techniques are just what every man dreams of “lucky Zak” you are charming , mischievous, and fun to be with. Apart from that you are a stunningly handsome gorgeous guy with a sexy fit toned body. You also have a personality that would put any guy at ease and under you’re spell, thanks once again James for making me feel so special with you’re open conversations ,you’re delicate touch, you are a truly wonderful person with a heart of gold and I wish both you and Zac much love and happiness together. You are both true professional in the art of massage  – by Terry on 16/04/2019


He put me straight at ease as I walked in, talking me through what to expect and ask about anything I might be wondering, expecting or wanting. The massage was brilliant. Really well controlled. He was firm in certain areas then gentle and tender as it progressed. He is a very fit and beautiful man. All in all, I was very impressed. – By ‘C’ on 25/03/2019


warm and inviting, making me feel instantly at easy, coupled with his brilliant massage therapy makes him the best practitioner I have experienced in years.  Would defiantly book again,  thank you James – by Gavin on 22/03/2019


Had many massages in the past. My first body to body massage. Wow!!! James up close and personal was a truly awesome experience. Definitely on my “to do regular list” Firm and gentle at the same time. You have to experience to know what I mean.

Thank you so much James. See you soon. – By Bill on 14/03/2019


Amazing 90 minute massage with James. He used his fantastic fit body to deliver an amazing erotic experience. Can’t wait for my next trip to Manchester. – by Tom on 13/13/2019


Booked James 3 times now and each time he never fails to give me an amazing experience. Such a genuine down to earth guy which is rare to find in someone so hot. Always greeted with a cheeky smile, a genuine interest in me as a person and a warm hug. His skills as a masseuse are second to none and every time I have left feeling a stone lighter from aches and pains but also just an impartial ear to listen to whatever I have to say. Always book when I’m in town and always 100% leave feeling fantastic. – Cris on 07/01/2019 / 5 Stars


Utterly charming and puts you at ease straightaway.  Great hands and just the right amount of pressure, definitely will be back. Thanks – Adrian on 07/01/2019 – 5 Stars



My first visit with James and I will definitely be back. Lovely guy, relaxed and charming and a perfect massage with exactly the right pressure. A new repeat customer here for sure! – Dec 2, 2018 – by Jim – 5 Stars


Just had 90 minute boy to body with James. Fantastic massage firm and sensual. James is a lovely bloke friendly gorgeous and sexy. see you again – Paul on Nov 6, 2018 – 5 Stars


Thank you James for a lovely hour with you today, you made me feel completely at ease and gave a great massage! You certainly made me feel so welcome and thank you for making me chilled for the rest of the day mate! – Doug on Oct 22, 2018 – 5 Stars


Went back to James again for 90 mins, this time with back pain so bad i can barely stand straight. James certainly knows the exact sore spots resulting from the back pain and managed to relax my back completely. I was even able to walk with my back straight without any pain afterwards. Would certainly visit again when i have back problems in the future – Rei on Oct 17, 2018 – 5 Stars


 From the moment i met him he made me feel at ease. He is a very attractive man and his massage skills are top notch. Cant recommend him highly enough – Kit on Oct 12, 2018 – 5 Stars


 What can I say! James is the perfect masseuse. He is very good looking, charming and a pleasure to be with. The massage was amazing and I would recommend to anyone. It set me up for the night. James, thank you – Rob on Oct 10, 2018 / 5 Stars


I paid my first visit to James last night. I had booked a 90 minute session. From the very start James put me at easy with his friendly personality he was easy to talk to and was extremely good looking. His hands worked magic from the very start and I would thoroughly recommend him. I won’t be long before I am back. – Clive on Sep 27, 2018 / 5 Stars


My third massage with James and he just gets better. He has a great friendly style with an amazing touch and to top it off he is stunningly beautiful as well. Always worth a visit when I’m up visiting from London – David on Sep 20, 2018 / 5 Stars


I’ve been following Kevin for a while on various social media platforms and debating whether to book, I found myself in Manchester with a few hours spare and decided to go for it. I’m so glad that I did. From the moment i arrived James made me feel at ease and relaxed taking the time to chat to me and his hands worked absolute wonders. I will definitely be booking again when im free – Cris on Sep 11, 2018 / 5 Stars


Such a lovely guy ! I was exhausted so not the most chatty but he made me feel so at ease and really took time out to chat and just generally be decent. Very impressed with Kevin but also very impressed with James thanks !Book now ! – Chris on Sep 7, 2018 / 5 Stars


Really chilled out guy, made you feel welcome straight away. Made some jokes which was nice, spent time to get to know me and what I needed, also great massage – Phol on Sep 5, 2018 / 5 Stars


“Adonis” James. Met again with stunning sexy gorgeous James ” wow” what a truly professional sensual massage I was given , I felt very comfortable and relaxed in the hands of this stunning friendly ,polite guy “book James today” and let this super guy lift your spirits, many , many, thank,s Terry – Terry on Aug 26, 2018 / 5 Stars


Had my first massage with James today He is a lovely, friendly guy who puts you at ease straight away.His massage techniques are among the best and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him. It took me about a year to arrange a massage but I definitely won’t leave it that long next time. Thank you so much James, I’ll be back. – James on Aug 26, 2018 / 5 Stars


Had a wonderful massage by James this morning.He manages to put his clients at ease straight away, thanks to his friendliness and down to earth attitude.His massage alternates between fine touches where it matters and effective strokes where needed.His good looks and captivating look does the rest.I highly recommend him! – Steven on Aug 21, 2018 / 5 Stars


Had a massage with James today.hit all the right spots and good conversationalist recommend – Paul on Aug 21, 2018 / 5 Stars


First massage from James today, what can I say … it was amazing! I was rather nervous to start with but he immediately put me at ease with a joke. Amazing massage. Great conversation, overall a very nice guy. Will return! – Mark on Aug 17, 2018 / 5 Stars


What can I say about this gorgeous hunk of man, the massage was out of this world!!, James also comes with a amazing personality, so down to earth and such a great guy! – Paul on Aug 14, 2018 / 5 Stars


Better than Paris & def better than London! – David on Aug 14, 2018 / 5 Stars


James a stunning lovely gorgeous guy with his cheeky smile and wonderful blue eyes ,he put me at ease within seconds,his massage techniques are far the best ever his touch is soothing and relaxing ,relieving all my stresses and strains of daily life I have found after having two sessions with handsome Kevin and also two sessions with gorgeous James this is slowly helping me overcome my anxiety due to the professional masseurs , you’re a credit to your profession – Terry on Aug 14, 2018 / 5 Stars


I can’t express how warm and charming this man is, mischievous and funny, intelligent and sensitive. The time flew by. I had a wonderful nights sleep afterwards, He worked out all the soreness from my travels. Will definitely book him again when I’m in town. – Patrick on Aug 12, 2018 / 5 Stars


Up from London decided to treat myself, James was funny, handsome with cheeky eyes. He also doesn’t look 35! Massage was amazing with lovely touch and made my feel very special. Will definitely book next time I’m up in Manchester – Clarky on Aug 9, 2018 / 5 Stars


I was totally blown away when I was greeted by such a fit,stunning,gorgeous guy with a fantastic fit body James is caring,talented,very funny, polite,and put me at ease to enjoy a 90 minute massage I can’t wait to book my next session thank you James for making my 90 minutes massage such an exciting beautiful relaxing time “you guys out there don’t hesitate book a session ” it’s the best thing I ever did, live it ,and love it, Terry – Terry on Aug 5, 2018 / 5 Stars


Really enjoyable 60 mins at my hotel with James, he knew exactly where to press and run to leave me feeling relaxed and ready for the evening ahead…I will definitely be booking again. – Mark on Jul 30, 2018 / 5 Stars


Excellent massage, lovely guy who made me feel very comfortable. Deffo will return. – Drew on Jul 28, 2018 / 5 Stars


Had a great relaxing massage from James. His firm hands worked well on knotted parts and left me feeling almost rejuvenated… He is a well educated and groomed guy and made me feel at ease from the moment I walked in. – Bernard on Jul 26, 2018 / 5 Stars


I was James’s last customer of the day, but I still received the 5 star treatment. The lasting impression you’ll have of James is what an absolutely lovely guy he is. Welcoming, polite, caring, talented, funny, and drop-dead handsome; just about sums him up. – Alex on Jul 18, 2018 / 5 Stars


James is a lovely guy who has the perfect touch to ensure a relaxing and therapeutic massage / overall experience. Would thoroughly recommend…- Joe on Jul 12, 2018 / 5 Stars


Met with James today and had an amazing massage – he was extremely friendly, welcoming and confident. Really good looking guy too with a great body. Will be back. – Mike on Jul 12, 2018 / 5 Stars


He made me feel relaxed and comfortable straight away, especially as I was nervous. I told him I had tension in my shoulders which he worked on! Can’t wait to book again – Jason on Jul 12, 2018 


I’ve just had a massage with James. What can I say? Simply amazing. He is fit and attentive. I’m just looking forward to my next massage with him – by Javier on Jul 12, 2018


absolutely amazing massage James gives. he’s able to identify and dig deep into knots better than many RMTs i’ve tried. add in a great personality and a great body and it makes for one great experience – Rei on Jul 11, 2018


Very pleased with today’s massage James put me at ease immediately as he has a great personality and easy on the eye.I left very happy with the service and I felt completely relaxed, he was so attentive and really wanted to make sure I enjoyed the massage! – David on Jul 4, 2018