For those who would rather have a massage in the comfort of your own surroundings. Whether you’re staying at a hotel, in the comfort of your own home or want to visit a gay sauna, We will travel to anywhere. We will take care of all the necessary hastle so that you can simply sit back, relax, and enjoy the experience.

…or you can choose to visit us for an InCall at our studio in Exchange Quay.

OutCall Gay Massage Prices

All our prices for the actual massage are the same for InCall or OutCall, except an OutCall may have additional travel time and expenses added. We do try to keep the costs to an absoloute minimum.

If you’re a 2 hour drive away then it may be a little costly. If your in the hotel next door then the price will be the same as an in call. Please get in touch for exact costings to your location and to book.

Why do I have to pay more for an out-call? – If you choose to ask us to travel to you then we are more than happy to. But this may incur additional time and travel expenses that need to be covered. You’re always welcome to come to us for an InCall and just pay the massage price if this is something you haven’t budgeted for.

Telephone (WhatsApp preferred):