Please find below all our Frequently Asked Questions.

Do you have a question not covered below? Feel free to get in touch.

I’ve booked online, What happens now?

Once you book we will WhatsApp on the number you’ve given us to confirm it’s a genuine booking and to give you the full address details etc.

If the number is wrong or If you do not reply and confirm it’s a genuine booking within 2 hours of our message, we sadly have to assume its a prank and will cancel the booking.
You’re welcome to WhatsApp us anytimes before then if you would like to confirm / want confirmation sooner.
Thank you for booking. 🙂

Can I book by phone?

Yes but please be specific. Due to the man hours taken up answering vague ‘when are you available’ and ‘what are your prices’ type questions we sadly will just refer you back to our website. We try and avoid spending longer trying to book the massage than actually doing the massage. If that happens I usually give up or just assume it’s not genuine. Please try not to message us asking questions that are covered on our website.
If you have a question not covered on the website then please do get in touch, we would love to hear from you.
If you want to book via whats app that’s cool, but in order to not have a lengthy message exchange, in your first message please include –
What massage do you want?
How long do you want the massage to be?
What date and time would you like?
What is your first name?
We will probably be in an appointment so sadly very unlikely to answer quickly, if you would like a fast booking or to see what times we have available please use our booking diary.
Please do not call us at some ungodly hour of the morning. It shows a total lack of manners and cutesy, i will also be asleep and if I do answer likely to be greeted a less than friendly manner.

Do I have to pay a deposit?

Usually no. You pay for your massage on the day when you arrive. However, I do request a 50% deposit if you are booking –
4 hand massage as you are booking 2 masseurs at once.
An out-call that means I have to travel outside Manchester city center.
I also request full payment in advance if you’ve booked with me on a previous occasion, stood me up, and want to book again.

Where can I park?

There are 3 pay and display car park very close by, all within 1 mins walk. if you just google the post code that you can find on our location page or on our profiles you can see where they are. We sadly can not advise where is the best place or which is the best one as we don’t know what direction you’re coming from.

What’s the difference between a Classic Naturist Massage and a Deluxe Naturist Massage?

Having a look at our Massage services page will answer this question for you. But in a nutshell, the Classic Naturist Massage doesn’t include mutual touching, it’s a ‘one way street’ and is all about you and your senses.
The Deluxe Naturist Massage includes mutual touching and exploration, body to body contact and you can do to your masseur what they are doing to you.

Can we have Sex in my massage?

The short answer is no. If you want the guarantee of full escort services and/or sex in your massage then you don’t want a massage, you need to find and pay for an escort.
Booking and paying for a massage and expecting sex is like getting a cleaner and expecting them to redecorate, do your laundry and walk your dog at no extra cost. It’s as rude as it is weird.

Book the massage you want

Please do not book a Traditional massage or a classic naturist if you want The Deluxe. The massage you book sets your level of consent so we have to assume the massage you’ve booked is the massage you wanted. You can however ask to upgrade your massage at any point if you want to. Ensure you have extra funds if this may be something you want to do.
(Please note – we only do a limited number of Deluxe per day. If there is still availability you can just tell us at the massage if you want to upgrade

Your booking system says you’re not available at the time I want, are you available?

There is no way of saying this without sounding sarcastic so, apologies in advance, but you’d be surprised how many times we get asked.
Sadly if the time slot you want isn’t showing then sorry i’m not available at that time.
Please do not contact us asking for a time that isn’t listed on the booking system ‘just in case you were available.

You’re not available at the time i want, can you recommend someone?
No, Sorry. A simple google search can find you other options so asking me to do it is just pure laziness, and the looking is part of the fun so I wouldn’t want to take this away from you. Also, i don’t know your preferences i can’t recommend effectively.

I want a massage right now!

Firstly, the ‘I want to my massage right now or never’ type of message can come across as a little rude. In the nicest possibly way, we are not a dancing monkeys and don’t jump when we’re told too.
Unsurprisingly, we don’t respond well to a booking request that is the equivalent of someone clicking their fingers and any decent masseur will have advance bookings and isn’t just sat there twiddling their thumbs.
It’s also important to note that due cleaning and disinfecting measures we cannot take a booking with less than 30 minutes notice as we need a small amount of time before and after every appointment to ensure everything is cleaned to the highest standard. This is one of the reasons we sadly can not offer massage walk-ins or ones ‘requested’ for right now.
Having said the above, its perfectly fine to politely ask when is the soonest available appointment slot or just have a look on our booking system above and you can see the slots available right there.

Send me more / fully naked / dick pics or videos?

There are many pics on our profiles. And if you want even more pics or videos you are more than welcome to join our Onlyfans (links on profile’s). Sadly if we sent pictures or videos to every request we would spend most of our day just sending pics to people. Additionally, in the many years we’ve been naturist masseurs, not one person who said they ‘needed’ fully naked or dick pics to book was ever genuinely interested in booking a massage.
If the pictures on our profiles don’t make you want to book then its unlikely more pics would swing it, besides, gotta leave something to look forward too in the massage

Are your Pics up to date?
Yes. all our images are up-to-date and taken in the last 90 days.

Can we video chat before I book?

No Sorry. Sadly not once in the many years I’ve been offering massage has anyone who ‘needed to video chat’ in order to book was actually interested in booking so this not something I do. I’m not here to offer free cam sessions for people pretending to want to book a massage. There are many pics on my website, Twitter, website reviews, google reviews, independent reviews on site such as Manchester lads and many other platforms that confirms Adonis Massage is genuine and that you’r’re booking who is being accurately advertised. Given all the above let’s not pretend it’s about ‘wanting to confirm i’m me’ and actually be honest about why you want to ‘chat on cam’. If that’s your thing then great, but that’s not a service I offer, sorry.

Can I have a shower?

Absolutely yes. A good gay male masseurs always use high quality massage oil, sometimes infused with essential oils for a truly revitalising experience. All this is great for massage, but possibly not too great if you need to get dressed and head back to the office, or off to dinner.
We have shower facilities and you are welcome to use them before and after you massage if needed. We suggest, where possible to have a shower before you arrive so we can start the massage as soon as you arrive. Understandably on some occasions you may have come from work or just had a workout so grabbing a shower is totally fine. After your massage most choose to have a quick shower so we will ensure we leave a little time for you to freshen yourself up. Any shower time is forms part of your appointment time.

Can we have a shower together?

No, This is not a service I offer. You may be looking for more escort services

Pre massage questions

When you come to see me for the first time, there are 4 quick questions that I have to ask.
They are:
Have you had a massage before?
How firm do you like your massage?
Do you have any old injuries
I need to be aware of or that may be aggravated by a massage?
Do you have any allergies to essential oils?

If you arrive 5 minutes early then we can parcel these off is about 20 seconds and as you can see they are quick, simple and are essential to making sure you have an excellent massage experience and again, the above are only on the first visit.
I also tell you if you want to stop the massage just say stop and if i’m massaging anywhere you don’t want to me massage then just let me know. (id rather you tell me than find out your super ticklish and I get kicked in the face 🙂

Do you price match?

Without wanting to be too blunt, No, we don’t price match. You’re not buying a fridge from John Lewis. If price is the major factor in your decision making process and you’ve been quoted cheaper elsewhere, why not give them a try.

What are your prices? / what do you offer? / What is a __ massage?

All our massage types and prices are listed on our services page. On there it explains all the massages we offer and should answer any question you may have.

Will I get charged ‘extras’?

No, everything your massage includes is included in the price of the massage. The Deluxe Naturist Massage includes mutual touching and exploration, body to body contact and you can do to your masseur what they are doing to you.

What would happen if I got an erection during my massage?

Firstly, it’s perfectly natural for your body to respond to a massage, and as a red blooded male it’s going to respond in a number of ways. This being one of them. So, in a Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage your masseur will just ignore it. However, our naturist sensual massages are clearly designed encourage an appropriate response. this being one of them.

Will we be alone?

The only person you will see during your massage is the masseur you booked, and we will obviously be alone in the Massage room that has an ensuite. If for whatever reason you feel more comfortable knowing we have whole ‘the place to ourselves’ then send us a Whats App and we may be able to arrange it.

Can I touch the masseur during my massage?

That depends what massage you book. Some allow it and some don’t. In the Deluxe Naturist Massage, the 4 hand and couples Massage, yes absolutely, go wild. See above for more info or have a read of this blog on can i touch my masseur?

Do you offer prostate massage?

No, Prostate Massage isn’t a service we offer.

How do I book a 4 hand massage?

Book the slot you want from the booking diary above, then once completed we will get in touch to see who you want to join us and see if they are free. Once all that is confirmed we will then take the 50% deposit, the other 50% is payable on the day when you arrive.
Please note, as you’re booking 2 Masseurs, a 4 hand massage requests a 50% deposit. I will get in touch once you have booked.
Good choice, your gonna love it!

Do you have any Bi masseurs?

Not currently, we are both Gay.

Will you give a woman a massage?

No. Sorry. We are gay.

Should I tip my massage therapist?

As massage therapists, we love what we do, we spend many hours honing our skills to make sure you get the best possible massage.
The only thing we love more than giving a massage, is giving a massage knowing you have loved coming to see us as much as we loved seeing you.
While is not essential or required to tip your masseur, a tip is always gratefully received. It is important to note that any tip given is purely a gesture of thanks and not an automatic acknowledgement or consent of any additional services.

Can I be anonymous when having my massage?

Our Service is 1000% discreet.
Sadly we don’t do anonymous massages. If you’re not comfortable even showing your masseur your face then you shouldn’t be getting naked with them. Additionally, we are also not willing to let someone in who is fully anonymous into our premises.
In the nicest possible way, If you’re so uncomfortable getting a massage then perhaps it’s not the right thing for you.

I’m bigger than the average guy, will you still give me a massage?

Yes, absolutely! Masseurs love variety, and great masseurs have clients of every shape and size. We’ve said it before, the world is a wonderfully diverse place, made all the more interesting because of the variety in it. Lets face it, if every looked the same our job would be super boring.

Can I book 2 separate in-calls for the same time?

No Sadly not. We share one massage room so are unable to do this. The best option for this is 2 massages back to back or 1 in-call and one out-call.