Zac Masseur Manchester

Zac becoming part of the Adonis team

Writing a blog is a pretty new skill for me and this is my first blog as part of the Adonis team.

Just a little of info about me……

I am 6ft, brown hair, with a muscular build. Turning 36 next month is nothing to be shy of but I will say I am never mistaken for someone in their mid 30’s. Most of my time is either at the studio or working in the gym. I have been heavily into my fitness from the ripe young age of 25. Fitness for me was about getting out the house, away from the office and try to get in shape. Many years of trying new things, working with Personal Trainers and finally committing to a new way of living.


From the weight room into becoming a personal trainer. I never thought my mere hobby would turn into a job I thoroughly enjoy. Training and getting to know the human body has been awesome and very rewarding. I am a Level 3 PT, Nutritionist coach, Outdoor Fitness Instructor and Sports Conditioning Coach. Massage wasn’t the next step I thought I would take but since training as a masseur it has been a great addition to my skills to allow me to pursue my own fitness.

I moved to Manchester a mere 18 months ago wanting to live the city life, be around the Gay village and start to enjoy a balance of work and life. On top of this I never thought I’d end up working at Adonis but meeting the guys and working alongside James was one of the best decisions I have made to date. (Not only the fact the guys are great but when you work with your BF life couldn’t be better.) Being a northerner, I am not quiet nor am I shy about being naked. Crisp northern/Yorkshire accent with a Mancunian twang seems to get the locals going.

Working at here is great, great colleagues, great booking system and a great website (Credit to James for his hard work.) Most of my clients tend to book me late evenings, weekends and when I get a week off from running around with PT clients. If my diary is full please text the mobile and we’ll arrange something. I do prefer advanced bookings so I can accommodate everyone but the occasion last minute bookings does no harm.

The culture and diversity in Manchester make working in massage a unique experience. All of my clients to date have been friendly, welcoming, happy and true gentlemen. The most popular choice has to be our Deluxe massage. The true way is to be totally naked. Nothing better than being au naturel,  in warm comfy surroundings, low lit lighting, stimulating oil and an hour to unwind. Even with being new to the team, and new to massage, the more I work with clients the deeper my technique gets, the more I enjoy ensuring you relax and the more I learn about giving you the best service possible.

Well, thanks for the read, hope to see you in the studio for one of my 60 minute body to body experiences or just the good old naturist.


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