Benefits of a Gay Masseur?

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what are the advantages to a massage from a gay masseur?A gay massage is a male to male massage when your masseur is also gay. So what are the advantages to a massage from a gay masseur?

Feel at ease

Being massage therapists, and gay, means we have seen our fair share of male bodies. All shapes, all sizes and all variations. it is important when having a massage that you feel at ease with yourself and can relax into the experience. With a male gay masseur you can do this safe in the knowledge we will have seen it all before.

Add to that, if a gay or bisexual man was to get a massage from a straight male therapist, they may feel a little self conscious.

We know our way around the male body

We know our way around the male body, each muscle, muscle group, how much pressure to add and when not to add pressure and where. In order to give a good massage it is important to know which parts to poke, stoke or kneed.

We understand pain

As much as a male therapist can sympathise with the opposite gender about pain relating to issues unique to that gender, they never really truly understand. A male therapist working on a male client will be completely on the same page and understand where the pain is and how it is affecting the whole range of movement and function.

We are stronger.

This isn’t a sexist thing. Its biology. Men by and large are stronger that our female counterparts. We can add more focused pressure where its needed that isn’t necessarily all elbows or body weight. It’s applied measured pressure specific for that muscle group body part.

Having said that, a good massage therapist will understand just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. Pressure is good, but you also need to know when not to apply pressure, for example on joints or more sensitive muscle areas.