Understanding Chakras and Massage

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From the crown of the head to the root of the spine there is an energy system that flows through the body, this energy flow plays an integral role in an individual’s emotional and physical balance. The system is built from 7 main chakras that pinpoint specific energy focal points throughout the body. Each individual chakra influences integral parts of different bodily functions with direct links to a person’s major organs and glands, when these points are in complete alignment, the body and mind feel lighter, more focused and able to maintain stronger emotional stability.  

Massage, amongst other techniques and daily practices, is an effective method used by many gay massage therapists to align a client’s chakras.  

The key is to ensure that each chakra is open and cleared of any energy blockages. Through drawing the energy from the base of the spine, then pushing energy up the body, the energy is worked to rectify, open and clear any energy blockages a person may be carrying. This process is intended to leave the client feeling lighter in spirit. 

The seven main chakras are: 

The Root chakra’s original name is ‘muladhara’. Located at the base of the spine, it is the root, or the foundation for the entire energy system to function from. It connects to our basic human needs for survival.  

The Sacral, or the pleasure center was traditionally names svadhisthanawhich means ‘sweetness’. This is the center for us to harness the energy of exploring our five senses. Once our basic needs are met, we are able to branch out and explore these senses, giving depth and pleasure to our existence  

The Solar Plexus, also known as manipura, which translates to ‘Lustrous Gem’ signifies our identity and our goals for our lives. If your behaviors and physical choices do not align with the intentions you have for the direction of your life you may feel pressure in your gut. If intention and behavior are aligned then one is able to feel a stronger sense of identity.  digestion – the power center 

The Heart chakras traditional name is anahata which means “the sound which issues without the striking of any two things together.” This chakra is located at the center of the chest and relates to overall wellbeing and emotions that are typically associated with the heart e.g. love, compassion, empathy. 

The Throat chakra is traditionally named visuddha, which translated means ‘free from impurities.’ This is our center for communication and expressing ourselves verbally. Effective communication through both life and massage is important for the unblocking of the throat chakra.  

The Third Eye is located at the space between one’s eyebrows, the authentic name for this chakra is ajna, which means ‘communication from above.’ This chakra influences imagination and perception. The ability to understand communication that is not verbally spoken is connected to the energy of this chakra, as well as letting go of thoughts that restrict imagination.  

The Crown center’s original name is the sahasrarawhich translates to ‘thousand petaled’. This is the seventh and final chakra in the alignment and it is connected to wisdom and enlightenment. The crown laces life with purpose and answers ‘what’ questions with ‘why’ answers. It is through the crown chakra that a person is able to connect to higher powers of joy within the universe, evoking peace within the mind and body. 

Come back in the coming weeks to take a deeper look into each chakra! Step by step we will uncover all you need to know about understanding the influencing factors of our important energy system!