The New Adonis Massage Oil Blend, Are you Ready?

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Adonis Massage Oil Blend

Like coffee which has different blends and strengths, here at Adonis our massage oil has different blends too. We use a very good and premium base oil to which we add a variety of essential oils. We ensure all our massage oil blends give you the best type of massage. We look to blend oils that have a nice aroma, are good for the skin and also make the senses tingle with a sensual twist. Essential oils like Rose, Orange, Tea Tree and Lemon are amongst the many we have used already.

We have been trying different combinations of essential oils and this time is no different. Our most recent blend of massage will ensure maximum relaxation takes place, feeds and heals the skin and has been commented on being the best, adding to the already exciting sensual touch of your gay massage.

Peppermint, Eucalyptus and Lavender, sensual and exciting combined together.


Origins all the way from the outback, Australian Aborigines used eucalyptus in everyday life for its healing properties. So popular that it is grown around the world and is also known as Nilgiri oil. It has been used in many ways for its medicinal properties, colds, cuts, mouthwashes, rubs, inhalers, even soap. The leaves of the eucalyptus tree are harvested, dried and the oil extracted. It is a great essential for massage as it helps treat any cuts, sores and wounds on the skin (even the ones you probably didn’t know you had). The decongestion properties make it a great oil for the Autumn/Winter season. Fighting the potential flu and cold bugs. The sweet and defined aroma also creates an atmosphere of Australia and makes a mental imprint on the mind of being in the far east.


That aroma like peppermints, fresh mint or even candy rock from the seaside. Peppermint originates from China and Japan. It has also been referred to in the ancient texts from Greece. Peppermint has that sweet aroma and taste. Fresh mint has that great aroma and the oil that id extracted is even more intense. Great for a cooling and soothing affect on the skin. Relieves like the eucalyptus wounds, cuts and grazes. One of the most profound benefits of using peppermint oil is that it brightens dull skin. If you suffer from mild skin conditions such as acne or excess oil then peppermint is ideal as it reduces the oiliness in the skin. The oil helps unblock pores and soothes any irritations.


Alongside all the soothing and healing from the eucalyptus and peppermint, lavender is amazing to help you relax and give you that end of the day feeling. Lavender has been used throughout history for its soothing and relaxing properties. If you struggle to sleep, then a drop of lavender oil on your pillow or a lavender bag in your bed will help you fall asleep. As an oil for massage it creates a relaxing atmosphere. This oil is supplemented by the mental image of candlelight and can make the massage even more relaxing. It complements the other oils as it helps reduce redness, patches of blotchiness and scarring. It has anti-inflammatory properties which is great for those that have sun burn, cuts and sores.  It also a great for those with skin conditions such as acne, eczema and other dry skins conditions.

This great combination of essential oils has to be our best to date. Such a great combinations for relaxation, great of reducing skin conditions and the aroma is amazing. The subtle lavender combined with the peppermint, infused with the eucalyptus invites you to test your senses. Add this to the firm, manly hands of your Adonis masseur then you’ll leave even happier than you have before. We enjoy created blends that ensure you get the best for your massage. In Manchester soon? Why not come and see for yourself? We guarantee you will not be disappointed.