The Benefits of Massage

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Studies have demonstrated on a multitude of occasions that massage is an extremely effective tool in helping to treat a wide variety of conditions. Symptoms of Both physical and spiritual ailments can be relieved by the practice of massage.

The process of receiving massage therapy prompts a feeling of deep relaxation, having intensely calming effects on both the body and the mind. Massage releases endorphins, which are the chemicals in the brain related directly to wellbeing, happiness and fulfilment. It increases blood flow to our muscles, which oxygenates the body resulting in a plethora of positive effects.

Some of the most common benefits of massage are as follows –

Reduced muscle tension – We carry a lot of our bodily stress and anxiety through tension in our muscles. Massaging our muscles relieves this tension which leaves our bodies feeling lighter and more lucid in movement. The relief in tension and the prevention of muscle spasms translates to reduced pain and physical discomfort in a person’s body.

Improved circulation – When our circulation is working at its optimal level, this means that blood flow, and subsequently the flow of oxygen is travelling around all your major organs efficiently ensuring that our bodies work the best way that they can. This enables us to be able to avoid and fight off potential diseases and sicknesses and ensuring that the bodies organs are working at optimal level. Keeping the body and the mind healthy.

Improves sleep – Not only does the practice of massage help to improve sleep, it can play a hand in the curing of sleep conditions such as insomnia. Improved sleep carries with it a myriad of health benefits including improving a person’s memory, reducing stress, lowering blood pressure and helping the body fight against disease.

Reduces anxiety – the calming effects that massage has on the body helps to maintain the body’s natural fight/ flight response, and other reactions to stress. These responses are typically overactive among those who struggle with anxiety disorders.

Improves digestive disorders – Massaging the stomach area relaxes the muscles associated with digestion, which stimulates digestion. Certain techniques within massage are designed to release enzymes which have the ability to improve the metabolic rate at which nutrients are processed within the body. The quicker that the body metabolizes, the more efficient it is at flushing out toxins which enables the process of digestion to occur at an optimal rate. The effects of this also help to reduce the effects of bloating, gas build up and constipation.

Recovery from sports injuries – The muscles are warmed up from the pressure of the therapist’s hand movements increases blood flow throughout the muscles. This improves circulation, increases the flexibility of an athlete and improves their range of motion. The effects of this is that their likelihood to become injured becomes reduced, and performance is improved. Sports massage and deep tissue massage also help to flush out swelling in joints which promotes the injuries of an athlete to heal quicker.

The benefits to massage therapy are many. Book yours today in Manchester, London or Gran Canaria.