Swedish vs Sensual Massage

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Swedish vs Sensual Massage

Many guys who contact us for a massage always ask the question but what if I get aroused. Massage in any form will tend to lead to arousal but depending on the person giving the massage and how they are dressed or in fact how you are dressed, sets a stage for the massage.

If you visit an everyday sports masseur, therapeutic masseur or physio masseur then you pay for what you get and they tend not to lead to arousal. This is due to the nature of the massage.

In a Swedish massage you are either in underwear, asked to wear a pair of disposable pants or even naked with a decent towel hiding your modesty. This already has placed a barrier on the ideas that go through your head. Then you have the massage itself to contend with. Deep tissue where you bite down on the massage towel as the knots are beaten within an inch of their lives or very hard pressure is applied which makes you want to scream. Unless pain is an erotic turn on, then it safe to say that you won’t be aroused. Also, if the massage is given by a female masseuse and your gay, bi or curious then this might also stop you getting that little excited. As gay men we’ve both had a massage from a woman and we both can vouch that it wasn’t stimulating even with a sensual touch. But we all differ and this is down to you working out what creates your arousal and then deciding whether you need a Swedish or sensual.

Swedish massage is the basis of any massage. Work all the muscles up and down the body, focusing on deep tissue, stimulating circulation or working on a particular problem area. But this by no means doesn’t mean a sensual massage isn’t equally the same. The difference is that once the areas of the body have been massaged to relax the muscles, a sensual touch will be applied to help you relax further.

Depending on your masseur/masseuse will direct how the sensual touching is applied. One of the previous articles focused on choosing the right masseur, how many times to see your masseur, as this creates a relationship with them and you to allow you to fully relax.

Sensual touch works exactly like a deep tissue massage. When giving a deep tissue massage the masseur reacts to your reactions. When they hit a knot full on, your body reacts, they change and adapt the technique to focus on the knot. Sensual is exactly the same. Some guys react to their backs being touch sensitively, some react to the inner thigh, some react when the sensual touch is applied to their glutes and for some just the closeness of the masseur in relation to their face and body. Everyone is different. From experience and feedback, our clients come in with an open mind, as we the Adonis masseurs test your boundaries and then ensure we stimulate these in order to allow you to relax even more.

Sensual touch isn’t sexual touch but can have the same stimulating affects. Massaging the legs and inner thigh can be so stimulating that it can generate arousal and no sensual touch has been applied to your modesty. If you are relaxed and within your comfort zone you may find your masseur allows you to find over areas of your body you didn’t know you liked being touched or that created such an erotic sensation.

One more step, your masseur can help you relax quicker if they have some knowledge about you. When you arrive you can directly say, “Love my legs being massaged.” or “Can you work my upper back more!” are ways to show the masseur your sensitive areas without feeling awkward or embarrassed. At the end of the day a repeat massage prescription will allow you and your masseur to maximise the sensual touch.

At the end of the day if you get aroused, that’s part and part of the massage, it means the sensual touch has been spot on and you’ve relaxed and gone beyond your comfort zone. Enjoy your next massage and maybe move up to a naturist of deluxe to see the maximum benefits of sensual touch.