Setting the massage mood

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setting the massage mood

Setting the mood for a massage is an essential part to the effect the massage has on the client. After a long day at work or a stressful week you want to be at ease from the moment you arrive for your massage. Getting the mood right can be a vital part to what makes a massage good and what makes a good massage great. The key is in the details.

Candles always have an amazing effect on anyone. Just being in a room lit by candlelight reduces your heart rate, makes your breathing slow and adds warmth to the atmosphere. Candles in the entrance hall ensure you are prepared for what is to come, it adds a sense of romance to the what is already going to be a sensual experience. Candles in the massage room adds an erotic sensation and ensures your masseur looks even more sexy than the pics you glanced at before you booked.

What makes a massage great is more to the combined effect the elements have. You’ve set the mood with the lighting, now you need to stimulate your sense of smell.

Essential oils create amazing aroma be it an oil burner, wax burner or aroma candle;

  • Lavender – essential for soothing and relaxing
  • Orange – helps reduce anxiety
  • All Spice – good for reducing fatigue
  • Peppermint – reduced headaches and tension
  • Rosemary – helps increase speed and accuracy
  • Lemon – helps improve mood
  • Eucalyptus – reduces congestion
  • Bergamot – essential for the maximum chill

Having the oils burning before you arrive ensure the aroma is at its maximum to get your senses tingling. Even at home try a range of candles when you are feeling stressed or your working at your desk and aroma will help you relax and focus.

Your eyes have been stimulated, your sense of smell too, now your hearing needs to allow you relax and forget the world exists. Calm therapeutic background music drowns out the traffic outside, lets you dream or drift away from the day to day stresses. Some music can stimulate your senses with hypnotic sounds underneath the melody tunes. Sometimes piano music can help with its tones creating a image in your mind. Whichever music helps you relax, make sure you speak to your masseur before you arrive so they can setup the music you prefer.

What else adds to the massage experience that makes a good massage amazing? Showering before your massage is another element to add to the mix. Having a warm shower before and after your massage can make the massage effects better and last longer. A shower before means you can start the relaxation process, stimulating your skin, washing away the days sweat and stress and warming the body. A shower after your massage can finalise the detox and allow you to feel even more fresh and ready for the day or evening ahead.

Hydration is very important before, during and after a massage. To maximise the benefits of the massage ensure you have had a good drink of water before your massage. Refrain from drinking stimulating drinks like coffee and tea. Drink water frequently leading up to your massage and afterwards drink plenty to help remove the toxins released from the muscles. Afterwards plan an easy relaxed evening and again stay away from stimulating drinks. Continue the therapy at home with candles, a relaxed night watching TV and get an early night.

The mood can be changed by the type of massage you have. A Swedish massage means your masseur is clothed wearing shorts and a vest. This sets the tone for a relaxing massage with little romantic or erotic sensation. A naturist massage where both you and the masseur are naked, heightens the expectations, increases the erotic feeling and lets the mind unwind and explore new sensations. Then the deluxe massage, both naked with mutual touching progresses that there is more erotic feeling, more sensual touch and a deeper connection between the client and masseur.

All these elements combined together can turn a good massage into a great massage. If you’re having a massage at home or in our Manchester studio your masseur will ensure the mood is set and make sure your 60 or 90 minutes is stress free and totally relaxing.