Relaxation during isolation

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With lockdown in full swing a little self care is vital.

Lockdown was something none of us thought would happen with the way we work, socialise, exercise and relax. Being forced to stay home has an affect not just on the physical body but also the mental health of everyone.

One of the best ways to help with stress, muscles tension and relaxation is a good deep and relaxing massage. Which right now isn’t an option with social distancing and UK lockdown measures. But that doesn’t mean you cannot do things that have the same affect.

Warm Bath

We have previously looked at what to do before and after a massage and one was a hot shower. Nothing is more relaxing than a hot bubble bath with candles, music and essential oils. Plan a hot bath into your week. Set aside a good 30-60 minutes to maximise the relaxation. Run the bath using hot water to start as this will heat the room, create helpful steam and ensure maximum muscle tension release. Add bubble bath to the water or a bath bomb. Even add a little rose, lavender and eucalyptus oil to the water. Once the bath water has warmed the room add cold water to make sure the water temperature is right for you to bathe. This needs to be warm enough to make you feel relaxed or slightly warmer than you are normally used to make the body sweat and raise your core temperature. Please do not get into scolding hot bath as this will cause burns and not have the affect you are after.


Using candles around the home can create an environment of relaxation and also help create positive energy. Candles are used in massage rooms for their light, scent and warmth and the affect they have on the mind.

Try a few pillar candles around the bath one or two that will create an ambient atmosphere. The heat from pillar candles will also create a nice calming atmosphere. If you want to make the bathroom more calming use a vanilla or lavender candle. The smell from these to scents is very relaxing and calming.

Using candles throughout the house or apartment safely can change the mood. Try using tealights in holders on the coffee table, or pillar candles in stands on the mantel piece. Switch off the main lights and enjoy the candlelight. The warm, cream glow eases the mind, reduces stress and allows you to become relaxed. Focusing on a candle and listening to music can help unwind the mind, let you shut off from the world and truly relax.

Have candles strategically placed around house/apartment nothing is more romantic, erotic or calming than coming home to a candle lit home. Use the TV as a fire using an app or Netflix fire clip. The fire, the amber glow and heat from the candles relaxes the mind and helps you to unwind.


Music is used during a massage for a number of reasons and have the same affect if used at home when trying to relax. Music sets a tone, sends a message to the brain, gives your senses stimulation.

Use music at home for a relaxed and end to a stressful day. When you set up the candles, the bath or room. Just play some quiet acoustic music, relaxation music or your favourite playlist. Having music on very subtlety in the background to a room while you read, play cards or just chill can have an amazing effect on your ability to relax and unwind.

Music can also be used before bed and during the first hour of going to sleep. Use an app on your phone or Alexa to play music in the background and set a sleep timer. Then unwind listen to the waves, the rain or the melody and close your eyes.

All these ways will help you unwind, destress and relax.

Ultimately when this is over you will be able to book a massage with your favourite therapist in Manchester to ease your muscles and continue to help you unwind.