Reiki and Massage – Whole body healing

Whole body healing

Reiki is a form of energy healing which employs the use of hand placement on and over the body to transfer energy to the receiver. Energy healing has been practiced as part of ancient traditions for centuries, such as massage, however reiki itself originated in japan in the early 1800’s. Reiki is slowly becoming a more recognized benefit to both mental and physical health with an influx of reiki practitioners across the west in the past decade.

The energy-based nature of the practice means that the value of reiki is difficult to prove scientifically, however many people across the globe swear by the positive effects it has had on their body and mind. It is even being offered as an aid to healing in a multitude of hospitals across the states and the U.K.  

The word itself means ‘mysterious atmosphere’ or ‘miraculous sign’ and is derived from the Japanese words ‘Rei’ and ‘Ki’ which, translated to English, mean ‘universal’ and ‘life energy’. It works by tapping into this universal life energy, or collective subconscious,

Stagnant energy in the body can build up and block the flow of energy. The cause of the blockages could be due to either physical injury or emotional strain, or both. It is believed by practitioners that these blocks of energy could even cause illness to the body over time.

You wouldn’t be wrong in thinking there are similarities to massage. Both reiki and massage have the same intention to aid relaxation in the body and to assist healing, and they both focus on the energy in the body. However, Reiki differs to massage in that it doesn’t use as much physical touch, and its focus is not on the muscles or the blood flow within the body, but the energy flow. The benefits of reiki and massage are massively similar, meaning they can be overlapped in practice.

Advocates of reiki say that the practice helps to heal and de-toxify the body physically as well as emotionally. It is said to aid relaxation in its patients whilst assisting with the natural or medical healing process. The unblocking of the chakra energy points helps a person to develop emotionally, mentally and spiritually as well as reducing levels of stress. The process of reiki can sometimes expose trauma for a patient to then cope with. Allowing them to move forward peacefully in their life. Don’t be daunted by this, the energy field only focuses on taking nourishing and necessary energy to the areas that need it most, benefiting the receiver.

There are no real harmful side effects of reiki, however its deeply relaxing effects can sometimes make receivers of the practice experience short-term fatigue.

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