Pressure points in your hands

Pressure points in your hands

Pressure points in your hands

Traditional practitioners of ancient Chinese medicine identified specific areas of the anatomy that they believed, if worked on with pressure, could improve the flow of energy through the body. They referred to these areas as meridian points, known today as pressure points.

It is believed that the pressure points that can be found in areas all over the body, have an impact on parts of the body that are separate the point itself. It is also said that the application of pressure to these points can have an impact on the overall health of a person in various ways.

Methods of therapy that use pressure points include acupressure, reflexology and massage. These practices are considered to be non-invasive and low-risk alternative healing treatments. Practices that use pressure points employ the use of the practitioners hands applying pressure by pressing on specific parts of the body.

In the hand alone, there are 9 pressure points, all believed to effect other mental and bodily conditions.

These are –

Lung meridian

The location of this pressure point runs from the tip of the thumb down past the wrist.

It effects congestive symptoms associated that would typically be associate with a cold. For example, scratchy throat, blocked sinuses, running nose, sneezing.

Heart 7

Located on the wrist. You can find this point on the opposite side to the thumb. In line with a small bone that is in line with the little finger.

Pressure upon this area prevents insomnia, anxiety, depression and heart disease. If you are suffering with any of these symptoms it is advised that you work on this point in a gentle manner. Also consider taking up meditation to help clear and calm a racing mind.

Inner gate point

With your hand outstretched, and the palm side up. You can Locate your inner gate point in the center of the arm, three centimeters from the wrist toward the heart.

This pressure point helps to relieve abdominal pain, help with digestive problems and improve symptoms of nausea. The recommended method for working on this point is to massage the inner gate point firmly using your thumb for between ten and thirty seconds

Hand Valley point

Easy to locate, this point is found by pressing on the firm part of the hand that lies between the thumb and index finger.

It is said by reflexologists that working on the hand valley point reduces stress and the effects that come along with it such as anxiety, back pain, shoulder tension, and the alleviation of migraines.

Outer Gate Point

Alternatively to the inner gate point, once your hand is outstretched, turn it so that your palm faces the ground. Your outer gate point is located in the center of the top of your arm, three centimeters from the crease in your wrist.

use three fingers from your spare hand to firmly press on this point, this is intended to boost your immune system and even inject the body with a boost of extra energy for those days that don’t seem to end.

Base of thumb point

The base of thumb point is located where the base of the thumb bone meets the crease of the wrist.

Massaging this point with gentle pressure is said to help with respiratory problems such as asthma.

Small intestine 3

This pressure point can be found on the outside of the hand, in the groove just below the little finger.

It is best to apply firm, stern pressure to this point with the use of your thumb to alleviate neck pain and pain related to you head and ears.

Ten dispersions

These pressure points can be found at the tips of each of your fingers.

The ten dispersions are definitely useful pressure points to know about. The application of pressure to this point helps the symptoms of flu and can even reduce a fever. Some practitioners even believe that working on the ten dispersions can help with patients who suffer with epilepsy or who are in a coma.

Four Seams

The four seams are situated on the large joints in the middle of four of your fingers. Apply pressure on the palm side of your index finger, middle finger, ring finger and your little finger to help treat the effects of digestive problems.

The study of pressure points and their effects on the process of healing and the prevention of illness obtains its credibility through its consistent and deep rooted usage in traditional Chinese culture. This has spiked its usage in the west massively, regardless of its lack of peer-reviewed studies, people who have used these therapies alongside medicine have reported positive effects.

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