Pre and Post Massage routine

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Pre and Post Massage routine

Just like a decent pre and post gym routine, a pre and post massage routine will ensure that the effects of the massage are maximised. As the best discreet gay masseurs in Manchester we believe ensuring that our massages are maximised is at the top of our list.


Just like you are collecting your fresh clean gym kit, gym towel and protein shake being ready for your massage is essential. So, before you dash out of work, the gym or home get yourself ready. If you can shower at home, the gym or at work but if that’s an issue contact your masseur and ask for use of the shower at the studio. Here at Adonis massage offer the use of a shower before and after your massage but please bear in mind that this is added into the time of your massage. As you shower make sure the temperature is not hot or cold it needs to be a luke-warm and use, if possible low fragranced and moisturising shower gel. If you shower in a really hot shower your pores open and this means the massage oil will soak straight into your skin and may not provide the best glide. If the water is too cold then your skin will be bumpy and your hairs will stand on end which means when you enter the massage room you may sweat quickly with the change in temperature which adds water to the surface of the skin. The extra water can impact on the massage oil or limit the time for your massage as your masseur will have to dry you down again before starting the massage.

Hydration is essential before, during and after your massage. As you prepare for your massage drink plenty of water and avoid alcohol, tea, coffee or stimulating drinks. These increase the heart rate and pump blood around the body. During your massage your muscles and ligaments release toxins from the massaging touch. These are naturally removed slowly by the body post massage but if your full of stimulating fluids the body will removes these far too quickly which can affect you in many ways.  Your Adonis masseur will provide you with a cold bottle of water at the start of your massage which you can drink before, during and after your massage. If you require more water just ask James and Zac they will be happy to oblige.

Think about what you are wearing, we know sometimes you come straight from work for a bit of relaxation but being in comfortable clothes means when you are relaxed you are comfortable and will feel even more relaxed. Keep a bag in the car or at work with some casual clothes you can change into after you massage. If you have plans after your massage, ask your masseur to reduce the amount of massage oil they use this means you’ll leave more comfortable. (Ask for a shower to give yourself time to refresh.)

Finally, before coming to your massage plan the journey, leave time to get there in time, give yourself an extra 10 minutes so you can breathe and start the relaxation process. Ensure you have googled the address and know where you are going. The more you do to start the relaxation process then the more the relaxing or stimulating the massage will be.

Post- Massage

After your massage don’t rush to get up take the time to breath and enjoy the surroundings or view. Ensure you are ready before sitting up, the massage will have allowed you to relax which also makes some clients lightheaded. Take it slow, your masseur will give you all the time you need. Once you have sat up remember to breath, slowly in and out to ensure the oxygen gets to your full body. Have a drink of water and take it slow.

Just like the pre-routine, make sure you are not dashing home, back to work or out. Plan time into your day before and after your massage. Leaving the Adonis studio should be stress free and allow you time to reflect on the feelings, sensations and emotions you experienced. We would suggest walking for a little while to your car, home or transport. The fresh air will feel amazing, it will fill you with relaxation and the oxygen will help remove the toxins from your body.

After any type of massage Swedish, naturist or deluxe; don’t drink alcohol, caffeine or stimulating drinks. As previously stated, these will pump blood faster around the body not allowing the toxins to leave the body at a natural pace. Hydrate and chill. We suggest not having any plans after a massage and to go home and relax. Many of our clients’ have come back as they found the massage an excellent starting point to some personal rest and recovery. They have mentioned that they have had a great night’s sleep, they were able to focus more or go back to the gym with more energy.  After your massage go home and go to bed. Get comfy and enjoy.

Any Swedish, naturist or deluxe massage you have we suggest a good pre ad post routine. Maximise your Adonis massage by planning ahead and see the results.