Oils in massage

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Oils in massage

The use of essential Oils is common in all massage therapy, and gay massage is no different.

Masseurs will use the oil either to diffuse scent into the room, creating an aroma for a specific purpose, or will combine the oil with the chosen massage oil and apply it directly to the skin. The overall purpose of aromatherapy is to improve overall health, well-being and mood. Combined with massage it can have some powerful effects.

When using essential oils within massage, (if you want to try it at home in between your regular massage booking) do consider that it is valuable to use an essential oil based on your specific needs. Spend some time thinking about what you would like to achieve from the massage. For example – citrusy scents can boost one’s mood, whilst lavender has a meditative effect that aids relaxation and promotes sleep, and eucalyptus may help with pain management.

Decide if you would rather the oils to be diffused into the air or applied to your skin directly. Do remember that essential oils are very concentrated extracts from plants and should be diluted for safe usage. This decision is personal preference, some people like to soak the oil into their body and others feel the benefit comes primarily through scent, therefore diffusing is the best route to take.  Don’t be afraid to ask your massage therapist for advice.

The scientific evidence to prove the effects of essential oils are still underway. However, the National Cancer Institute found, when exploring the effects of chamomile combined with massage therapy to reduce the impact of anxiety disorders, that the results showed that the use of chamomile during massage had a better impact on patients that if the same massage was carried out without aromatherapy. The MCI’s research showed that aromatherapy during massage presented benefits for not only reducing anxiety but to help with depression, insomnia, nausea and pain.

Be mindful of which oils react best with your skin. If you present signs of reacting with a rash, swelling, hives or any kind of stinging pain you should refrain for using those oils immediately. Make sure you take a warm shower after your massage, this ensures that any oil that may be left on your skin is removed.

Essential oils have a plethora of nourishing effects on the body and mind, however there are some circumstances in which they should be avoided. For example, citrus essential oils make the skin more sensitive to the light of the sun, and therefore should be avoided if you are planning on being in sunlight. Some essential oils can irritate the breathing of those who suffer with asthma. Avoid the following essential oil if pregnant – aniseed, basil, tarragon, birch, parsley and sage as there is concern that the oils can be absorbed by the placenta and harm the fetus.

Aromatherapy, especially when paired with massage can have a wide range of health benefits including soothing pain, improving sleep, reduce stress, fight illness and treating stress-based illnesses. If you are struggling with any of the above symptoms, don’t hesitate to contact one of our Manchester or London gay male to male masseurs or escorts.

So what oil do we use?

Long Term Benefits of a massage

We find baby oil, which is just refined mineral oil, to be very oily. Yes, we know that sounds odd but you know what we mean. We do not use baby oil but will do on request.

Dry massages

As the name suggests, no oil is used in a dry massage. an oil with massage is usually best but for allergy or personal preference reason this is sometimes requested. Oil helps reduce friction and allows the masseur to apply pressure without any pain so this type of massage is usually much more gentle and some traditional massage techniques can not be not used. A massage without oil can also be done through clothing to reduce friction. This has the same effect as a Swedish massage but as mentioned you will find the contact through clothing restricts the masseuse but still really work knots and tension. Massage in this way does create a relaxation state as the touching and feel of the hands through the clothing still stimulates the senses.

Oil based massage

Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil, soya and wheatgerm oil are all types of oil that can be used. We also add essential oils for, relaxation, therapeutic or for their medicinal properties*. The base oil reduces the friction between the hands and the skin. Allowing the Masseur to glide over muscles and joints without causing harm or irritation to your body. Like moisturiser this nourishes the skin and gives the massage a more sensitive feel. For body to body contact the oil allows the body contact to glide and really stimulate the senses. The use of essential oils cam also add to the experience by again stimulating the senses.

What we use The base – Soy Bean and Wheatgerm, we then infuse our own unique blend of oils in our massage base oil.

*The Legal Bit. – This article is for information purposes only. No medical or medicinal claims are made or guaranteed. Do not take this article as medial advise. If you have a medical issue, don’t Google it or ask for a diagnosis from ya’ friends on Facebook…Go and see a doctor, an actual real live doctor with an actual real medical degree or call 111.