Never too hairy to massage

Many clients ask if having lots of body hair will affect having a massage? No matter how much body hair you have you can still have a massage and have a very relaxing and enjoyable experience.

Body hair is natural and in today’s communities many men manscape many areas of their bodies. Adonis masseurs keep on top of their body hair for a number of reasons but if you trim, shave, wax or none of the above and adopt an au naturel look, its all cool.

You can have a massage with body hair. What does this mean for you?

Your masseur will probably use a little more oil as they want to ensure each massage stroke is friction free and will maximise glide. They will work around your body finding the best direction to massage ensuring not to pull your hairs. The massage will be as deep and sensual as any other massage taking care not to snag or pull any hair.

There are advantages to having body hair, light and sensual touch can be very stimulating with body hair. The very lightest of touch stimulates the hairs and the hairs receive the signals which generates more sensitive feelings. Every brushed passed someone accidentally and your hairs stand on end. This effect happens in a massage when the right pressure is applied and can be very sensual.

Being hairy or smooth the massage will stimulate your senses, created lasting sensations and will always help you relax.