Naturist is the best way

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Naturist is the best way

From Adam and Steve to Mother Nature herself, being naked is one of the most natural things in the world. It is only in today’s society that it has become a taboo, or an issue based upon body image expectations through social media and the fitness/model industry. We understand the shyness from the changing rooms to wanting to take our tops off at the beach. We all have insecurities, and from experience we can say being naked is the best and most fabulous feeling in the world. Just forget who’s around in the gym changing rooms and get naked and get on. Roam the apartment naked unless you have a guest but even some of your guests love being naked too. Go on holiday to naturist men only resorts and enjoy the beaches of naked men and women. It doesn’t make you gay being in the company of naked men. We have seen many straight men who love being naked on the mixed beaches or gay beaches in Spain, doesn’t change their sexuality but it does bring them closer to nature and even closer to being confident of who they are.

Nothing feels better than going to bed naked, waking up naked, taking a shower, walking out to the poolside and just being all natural. No judgements. No insecurities. No tan lines…….

Naturists as a community are the most caring and supportive group of people you could ask for. No judgement on your size, height, package or age. Just enjoying the freedom without clothes. You are thinking “arousal” well we can tell you, naturist guys do not walk around with aroused privates, unless you engage with other men/women and start to touch and explore, you’ll find you can be quite happily not aroused.

Naturist massage allows us to enjoy nakedness and gives you the massage clients a safe and discreet place to be all natural. Nothing is better than being naked for a massage. No restrictive clothing, no body part untouched, top to toe oil and nakedness. It actually makes you less stressed and removes lots of tension before the massage actually starts. Nothing is better than watching your Adonis masseur’s body glisten with oil in the candlelight or catching a glimpse of their package in all its glory.

We know that naturist massages allow more of your senses to be stimulated and enables you have a deeper sense of relaxation. Body to body contact added to this increases the sensual element and brings you closer to nature. Two male physiques entwined in one another rubbing, touching, stroking and being so close. There is something magically about nakedness and naked touch. It makes a connection between the two bodies; it creates an unexplainable feeling that just makes it relaxing. Naturist is the best way with no doubt.

If you haven’t already booked a gay naturist massage or your toying with the idea in your head. Get it done and let us make you relax and enjoy all that being naked has to offer. Here at Adonis Gay Massage in Manchester is just about total realaxtion and tension release.