Massage Etiquette

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Massage EtiquettevManners maketh man, so to show Chivalry is most definitely not dead, here are some etiquette point to consider when having a massage.

Be Clean

Before your massage make sure you have a shower, or a bath, with bubbles and little rubber ducky if the mood take you. it doesn’t matter how, but be clean. A clean you is a more comfortable, less self conscious you.

Be On Time

Try not to be late. But also try not to arrive too early.

Switch off your mobile

Ok. No one ever turns off the mobile phone. But at the very least put it on silent.

You have a mouth, don’t be afraid to use it

you should feel at east and able to make requests to your masseur. everyone is different. How much pressure you are happy with or able to take. Some people only like light pressure while others want to be just short of pulverised. Let us know what floats your boat. A good massage therapist can of course read you and will understand what you like and don’t like but good communication is also key. this also applied to body parts, If you don want certain areas touched, (maybe your left abdomen is very ticklish) just say so, its all good.

This also goes for all aspect of the massage including what Oil is used, What music is played.

Strip off to where you are comfortable

Being fully as nature intended allows full body access, your Glutes (your Ass) for example, are the largest muscles in the human body. These muscles can only be fully massaged if your massage therapist has access and (obviously consent) to massage them.

However, and its a big however, it’s far more important that you feel comfortable and relaxed. If you want to keep your underwear on, that’s totally fine. If you want to remove it and have a towel, that’s cool too. or if you want to trip down to your birthday suit then go for it.