Massage and Neck Pain

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Massage and Neck Pain
Massage and Neck Pain – can a massage help me?

At a glance neck pain can be linked to many factors in your life; headaches, stress, anxiety, muscle tension, eye strain, lack of exercise, too much exercise etc. In any instance, seek medical attention for neck pain lasting more than 7 days; as you may need professional intervention. A massage is one of the best forms of therapy when it comes to neck pain.

The neck is the superhighway of the body linking the brain to the whole body. Massaging the neck itself may not necessary solve the problem but massaging the head, shoulders and pretty much the rest of the body may relieve the pain in the neck. The main pain most people get in their necks is from stress and tiredness. The pain itself is actually above the neck at the bottom of the skull which feels achy or below the neck in the shoulders.

Booking a whole-body massage or even an upper body massage may be just the solution you need to relieve the pain. Talking to your masseur is essential. Explaining the pain and where it originates will help them to tailor the massage to your needs. Good applied pressure to the shoulders and arms will loosen the lower neck and let the tension escape. The sensitive touch on your shoulders will also help the who body relax. For some having the head massaged will fully relieve any built-up tension in the lower skull area and can stimulate sleep and total relaxation.

Your masseur will use a range of techniques from head massaging through your hair, applying pressure to your temples and massaging the face down to the neck. The pressures used will differ to those used on the rest of the body especially around the actual neck. It will feel like light strokes up and down between the head and shoulders, firmer on the shoulders onto the arms and on the head will feel very light through the hair but then can be firm on the temples.

Your masseur may also suggest massaging the feet, strange we know but the nerves in the foot and pressure points can relieve head tension and neck tension when the right pressure is applied. We strongly suggest letting your masseur know if you don’t like your feet being touched and also check out each masseur’s profile as they may not massage neck and feet due to their level of experience and own personal preferences to these areas.

Even booking the hour to be in the massage room with your masseur can instantly remove tension and relax you enough to remove neck pain. Being away from the office, home or gym can be the best therapy especially when in a relaxed candle lit setting with calming music on in the background. We have found many of our clients the room and quiet space has the best effect on stress plus having your gay masseur using his hands to apply pressure is even more tension relieving.

As for massages go, a deep tissue / Swedish massage is the best starting point to relieve any tension or neck pain. Here at Adonis massage, if your in Manchester, we highly recommend a Naturist massage as this creates an even more relaxing and tension reliving experience as being naked as mother nature intended is a great therapy in itself.