Male to Male Massage, hand in hand with exercise

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Since the Romans and other Ancient Civilisations, massage has played a key role in the training of warriors, for battle and for defence. Compared to modern day training, Ancient armies were subject to very intense training involving what we see today as an Olympic athlete accomplishment. Running 26 miles for most is a lifetime challenge,  but go back 3000 years and 26 miles was a basic challenge all warriors undertook on a regular basis.

The intensity of the training brought about injuries and had an impact on the soldiers recovery. Massage was not only essential for the recovery of the soldiers, but became a regular activity that is now seen as a leisure activity. The trend became very popular, with the Romans inventing the Roman bath houses. Then those in power and the rich saw it as a leisure activity to indulge in which made it widely popular.

Many sports men and women today have a regular massage either before or after their training. To fully see the long term benefits of a massage, you must see your masseuse on a regular basis. Once a year may relieve the tension and stress but seeing them once a month or even every two weeks will radically reduce long term stress, improve physical performance and speed up recovery after training. Making you stronger, fitter and ready to take on that 26 miles (lol).

So the big question is before or after a workout…..

The actual thought of the massage can be somewhat blurred, it helps me relax, it loosens my muscles and that last thought is, it makes me tired. So why would I go for a massage before my workout. Well a massage before a workout allows muscles to warm up in a controlled and safe manner. Sometimes stretches don’t hit every muscle that you plan to train. A massage before your workout also helps change your mindset. Having a clear and relaxed mind improves the quality of your work out. Key is the pre-workout massage will ultimately make the session more productive, start you off on the right foot and reduces the chance of injury.

What about after your workout? Having a massage after your workout has many benefits. Many of the major sports men and women have on hand sports masseurs after a workout, training session or game. This is because they want to aid recovery and reduce the amount of time it takes for muscles to become stronger. After a workout your muscles have been stretched (torn) and have lactic acid build up. This is natural, as your body after a workout then rebuilds and repairs these tears and reduces lactic acid.  A massage stimulates the removal of lactic acid and improves circulation, meaning your muscles gets the vital oxygen to recover. The massage also helps the body relax and improve the quality of recovery by reducing the mental stress. It is essential that the massage happens as soon as possible after your workout, as this reduces the delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOM’s).

Regular massage for pre or post workouts or just for relaxation are essential and beneficial to everyone. Key is to plan your massage into your weekly or monthly routine. Take the time to enjoy some relaxation and we highly recommend a male to male gay massage in Manchester from Adonis Massage..