Lockdown routines

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As it stands, we are still in lockdown and that for many seems to be taking its toll. Well it isn’t too bad in all realness. You are usually booking a massage to help you relax and right now you can do so much at home to get a level of relaxation.

A lockdown routine may be the key right now to help reduce the stress, the anxiety and just give you the mindset to be happy.


Get yourself into a great pre and post sleep routine. Like a massage you get yourself set up for the massage itself and also you plan for the aftercare. We have spoken in previous blogs about setting the mood, using music and candles. A good pre bed routine can have a massive impact on a really good night sleep. Simple and easy steps for a relaxing sleep include switching of the TV, laptop or tablet up to 45 minutes before going to bed. The back light in these devices stimulate your brain and when you go to bed the stimulation continues for a sustained period of time. Set up with a nice hot bath or shower. Use your favourite shower gel or try some lavender scented gel this will help you unwind and stimulate your senses for bed. After your bath/shower get ready for bed and don’t use your phone, TV or tablet. Candle (tealights of glass jar candles for safety) or low lighting will help start the process, music on and just breath. Let your eyes close and drift off.

Get up and go…

If you are still working then you are in such a great position to keep a routine, it will be slightly different to the normal, but it is great to be up and out the door. For ultimate relaxation we need a get up and go routine. Set an alarm for the morning, get up shower (hot and steamy like a massage), have breakfast, get changed into your day clothes and do stuff. Like a massage you plan it into your diary so instead plan in a reding session, a run, a sit and watch TV whatever you need you book it in.

Meditation and Yoga

Another great way to book in that massage time while in lockdown is to try meditating or yoga. Many great Apps and free videos for you to just take time for you. Just having 30 minutes in a quiet space, breathing, enjoying the music or silence is exactly what you do in a massage so right now doing that will help you relax. Yes, those manly hands aren’t on your body but think back to that last massage and imagine those hands sensually touching you. Just take that time and relax. Now a bit of yoga will help loosening those muscles be careful and take it easy just doing a few moves a day will help relieve the tension.

 Socialising with social distancing

Strange but have you thought about messaging your masseur, do they offer a chat system? You don’t just go for a massage for the muscle tension and sensual touch, you also go to unwind by talking. Being able to talk to someone not in your family or friendship circle can have an amazing effect on your mind and body. When you are in that massage you talk out your daily stress, you make a connection and you ultimately relax. Try connecting with old friends, use the extra time you have to really talk to people.

The good news….

We know that the situation sometimes seems hard, but you will be able to book your massage with your favourite Manchester Masseur very soon. You can look forward to those manly hands and you can use it to help you get through your lockdown routine. Stay safe and just create a routine with you at the centre.