Lavender, the skin and Massage

Lavender, the skin and Massage

Lavender, the skin and Massage
Yes we know this isnt Lavender but its purple the pic fits and we like it

When you come for a massage your initial thoughts and feelings will be about the muscle tension or the escape from the real world to chill.

Well, in fact there is more to any massage especially if you book a massage where they use a variety of massage techniques, different types of massage or use essential oils.

The oils your masseur uses can have more benefits to your skins, mind and body than you realise. Even your skin cries out for a return for a massage because of the care it receives from the oil and the firm hands. Thus, the massage is only one benefit of the whole experience.

The skin

The surface of your skins needs some tender loving care on a regular basis and right now you are probably neglecting it the most. Your skin goes through so much from the shower you had this morning, to the cold/hot air outside or in the office, the rubbing of your clothes, sweating with the constant changes in temperature.

You need to regularly look after your skin to ensure it stays firm, clear, looks and feels amazing. When you shower, depending on what shower gel or soap you use, you will probably leave the skin dehydrated. Do you moisturise your skin and I mean not just your face? Already you are reducing the skins firmness, clarity and softness.

When you come for a massage you will have or will shower in warm water which helps clean the surface dirt from your skin, it makes your pores open up and gives your skins time to breath. Then being in a warm room, allows your skin to relax and keeps the pores open longer so when you moisturise the skin can absorb more moisture. The advantage to being warm, clean and in the hands of a masseur is that the base oil and essential oils used for your massage hydrate your skin 100%. The fact you are going to be massaged for an hour, with rich, nutritious oils means every part of your body top to toe will be moisturised. Nothing is missed out when your Adonis uses his firm hands to massage your entire body. You know you can’t reach every part of your body to ensure it has been moisturised.

We get asked loads here at Adonis about having a massage with a skin condition. What we will say is that most skin conditions occur due to the body being unable to produce essential oils to moisturise or the condition of the skin is bad enough it doesn’t get the time it needs to repair. Thus, a massage with quality oils will help reduce your skin conditions. With regular massage, you will see a difference in the dryness, appearance and feel of your skin.

Psoriasis and eczema are the most common skin conditions that a regular massage will help. The application of oil soaks the dry areas, the movement of the masseur’s hands stretch and pull the skin allow dead skin to be removed, allowing the oils to get into the pores where the moisture is required.

Benefits of having lavender in your massage oil or skin lotion

Acne is another skin condition that lavender oil can rally help. As lavender is a natural anti-bacterial is great for unclogging pores and reduces any inflammation. Like any essential oil if you plan to use it on your body you need to mix it with a base oil. Use coconut oil for a base when treating acne as the antiseptic properties of the coconut oil will also help in the treatment of the skin and provide rich nourishing moisture.

Lavender also has antifungal properties so using this on eczema reduces the inflammation and allows the skin to be moisturised.  If you mix lavender with tea tree oil it will help reduce the redness and irritation of psoriasis. Used with a base oil this allows moisture to be absorbed, helps soothe the irritated skin and gets essential oils into the skin to help with any healing.

With any use of essential oils, you must seek medical advice and support before mixing or using oils on your body. We provide knowledge based on experience and research. Always seek medical advice when it comes to the well-being of your own body and others.

Adonis massage oil uses a variety of essential oils and we try to use lavender where possible because of its skin healing properties, effect on the mind to help you unwind and is a beautiful scent to have around when relaxing.

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