(written in early 2018 and amended for Adonis)

Welcome to my first blog after joining a great team here at Adonis Massage

I decided to write this blog to share the start of my journey into gay massage.

Was it what I expected and am I what it expected and what have I learnt so far?

Before I dive into that, i’d like to give you a little on me, just to give you a bit of background and this being my first blog and all.

Well, I’m James, I’m 38 years young but thanks to the powers that be, good genetics and a lot of fitness I’m told I look in my 20s. I’m sure this will wear off at some point in the (hopefully) distant future but at the moment, I’m loving it. I’ve been quite heavily into healthy and fitness for about 6 years and after deciding to take a career change from a corporate background, I’m now training as a Personal trainer. I’m also a fitness and brand ambassador for a clothing company and nutritional supplements company. I have just started branching out into fitness modelling and as a conventional model and have been taken on with a modelling agency. ( we are working on my portfolio). The Massage is a really good addition to this, it also gives me the flexibility to pursue all the above and on top of that I really enjoy it!

When I met the guys in Manchester about coming on board they, to be honest, were not what I expected, but then again I don’t really know what I really was expecting. But I found them to be warm, friendly, professional, to the point and they explained how it all worked until I was comfortable. I’m not a shy guy, by any stretch of the imagination, and I’m also quite forthright so I think we gelled well. So… It was decided I would come on board. (Thanks guys)

The Systems

Now it was on to the systems and how all the bookings work, this I was mightily impressed with. The systems we have here for our Gay Massages really are on point. You can book online, look at everyone’s diary, see additional pictures. The whole process makes it really easy for people to book a gay massage, which, from my point of view is awesome.

Meeting the team

Again I’m not shy and self confidence isn’t something I lack, but I will freely admit I was a little apprehensive about meeting the other guys.

With them being a little younger than me and already established here would we connect? Would they want too? What I found was they are actually some of the nicest guys I have ever met. They were friendly and professional from the off set, and after the initial ‘get to know you’ period was out the way I feel we have really bonded as both colleagues and started to build good friendships. We have help each other and swapped advice, tips and technique and on top of that we have a laugh. I really couldn’t ask for a nicer bunch to work with. Thanks guys. You’re epic.

The Clients

This for me is the utter highlight of my journey so far. I have met a vast range of guys with as many different backgrounds, occupations, age ranges, ethnicity and interests. I really like meeting new people and everyone I have met so far has been really interesting with their own journey and story to share ( but only if you want to chat, the strong silent type is good too:) there have been people visiting from afar and overseas as well as those based here in Manchester that like a massage on a regular basis. Guys with aches and pains from the gym as well as retired guys who like to relax and spoil themselves. It’s all good… let’s face it, any excuse for a massage is a good one in my book and i have genuinely enjoyed meeting every one of you and look forward to meeting those about to book. Go on.. Ya know ya want to.

The Massage

The most popular choice is our signature naturist massage and I couldn’t agree more, if you’re going to be naked, its only fair that I am too.

We start off by us both getting the way nature intended, then you getting comfortable on the massage bed, and me popping on some relaxing music and grabbing some good quality massage oil. Then i get to work on every muscle you have and you just enjoy the ride, and the view if you so wish. i’m trained in massage, training as a PT, and I’m gay, this gives me a great ability and experience to know where to add pressure to get rid of knots, aches and pains, where not to add pressure for a relaxing massage… and where and when to add a more sensual touch to give you a truly amazing massage experience and make sure it’s one you won’t just want to remember, but want to come again, and again.

Some guys like to chat, some like to be quiet and just enjoy the massage. Most guys do a little bit of both at different points. I’m good with either. It’s about what makes you feel relaxed and most comfortable. I’m good at reading people, especially guys, so i know when you want to natter and when you don’t.

i love reading your body and where and how you like to be massaged. Everyone is different, and on top of that everyday i learn something new. I really love what I do.

The Results

I think it’s going really well. I have lots of good feedback. Less than a month after starting my journey into gay massage in Manchester I now have a good stack of all 5 star reviews and many happy and returning clients, so I know I’m doing something right.

Thank you for reading my first blog and If you’d like to experience my Classic Naturist massages or even the Deluxe massage then I really look forward to meeting you. Or if you are in a hotel in Manchester I can come to you.