Is A Massage Supposed to Hurt?

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A question we get asked on a regular basis that needs to be answered. Is a massage supposed to hurt?

In short no but there are some exceptions and some things you need to understand about your massage. This will help you work out which massages you’ve had, have had the right affect on you or help you make judgement when you have your first massage. There should be good pain, not bad pain.

Like exercise, massages move the muscles and joints with pressure and movement and in some instances this new movement can feel uncomfortable and sometimes you may feel light pain (when we say pain we mean the dull achy pain when you’ve been sat too long or your about to get cramp) if it’s more than this and you feel you need to cry out or cry then your masseur is applying to much pressure.

We have talked about deep tissue and sports massage in a previous blog thus if you have booked either of these types of massages, then yes you are going to feel some discomfort and be prepared for the undoing of knots because that can be painful. Again, there is a difference between muscle pain and actual hurt pain. You should know the difference from day to day life and experiences of injury.

At any point during your massage you feel uncomfortable with the pressure, the masseur or the type of touching to your body you need to address this by speaking directly to your therapist. Open and honest conversation with your therapist will build a relationship that means every return visit allows you to relax more. Adonis masseur’s will always welcome you, be professional and communicate throughout your massage.

When having a Swedish massage, you will have that achy pain as muscles have pressure applied to work out the twists in muscle fibres. Tension in your muscles is like kneading bread dough after is dried out whereas muscles with less tension in relate to the elastic dough your use to. With this analogy then the more you see your masseur the better the muscles become and thus a reduction in the discomfort you will feel.

If you are very tense or tight after working out at the gym, then you will probably have more discomfort. As this ache fades your focus on the music and the atmosphere around you will allow you to relax further.

Breathing is very important during your massage, when your masseur gets to an area that is knotted and you feel discomfort you then need to breath in and out allow more oxygen to be circulated to your muscles. As you work with your masseur, they will help you breath correctly to help alleviate the discomfort. What you mustn’t do is tense up more and brace as this then adds more tension in the muscle so when pressure is applied you will feel even more discomfort than before.

Like exercise when you have completed a new movement your body the next day will let you know is it repairing by aching. That delayed onset of muscle soreness (DOMS) can happen after a massage as well as a good workout. If the ache is very painful and you feel that you need to cry or its bad enough you need pain killers, then seek medical advice as the massage may have twinged your muscles or the pressure may have caused an injury.

A good Swedish, Gay Naturist or Gay Deluxe massage should never hurt and should give you a feeling of full relaxation and relief. The room, the music, the lighting and your naked Adonis ensure you have the best massage money can buy.

So just to recap before your next massage or your very first massage…

  • There will be some discomfort
  • You will ache or have dull pain afterwards or the next day
  • Communicate with your masseur
  • Book the right type of massage
  • Breath correctly and don’t tense up

Enjoy and find the masseur for you by trying different therapist and then make sure you book in on a regular basis.

Your Adonis masseur is always there to ensure you get the best hands in Manchester.