Have a massage date with chocolate

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Have a massage date with chocolate

That aroma, that smell and that taste. Yes, chocolate in all its glory. From the Ancient Aztec and Mayans to the present day, chocolate has been used in my ways and is a very indulgent treat. Cacao seeds were once seen as a currency and people traded everyday items to get their hands on the seed. They even believed the Gods gave the world cacao seeds as a gift and they worshipped in return. Then the cacao seeds became a bitter drink which then was added to make it a great indulgent drink sought after by all. Many believe that chocolate is an aphrodisiac and is a food of lovers.

We all love to indulge in chocolate. The sweet taste, the melting moment or high levels of sugar as a pick me up. That sweet treat at Christmas, Easter, Valentines or after a lovely meal out. We love it.

Now let’s take this to a new level!! Chocolate has many therapeutic and holistic benefits. Ever seen that chocolate body paint at the sex store, not just for fun or taste…..


Chocolate has a large amount of caffeine which is a great stimulant for the skin. Caffeine helps improve the circulation which helps tone the skin and decreases the aging process.

Darker the chocolate the better

Dark chocolate is known for its great antioxidant properties. Darker the chocolate the more revitalising it is for the skin. Chocolates with 35% pure cacao content have the most revitalising properties. These antioxidants help make the skin firmer and plumper, creating a very soft touch.

Cocoa Butter

Many moisturises today are advertised having cocoa butter as cocoa butter has very high natural oils. Moisturising the skin especially in those hard and rough area on the body. Again, the higher the cocoa content the more moisturising the butter is for the body. Using cacao or chocolate as a mask can maximise the moisture absorption into the skin making your skin glow and is softer to the touch.

Health at its best

It’s not just the moisturising, antioxidants or caffeine that make using chocolate for a massage great. Research has shown that having a small piece of dark (high cacao percentage) chocolate can improve your energy levels. Dark chocolate can improve cardiovascular output, reduces chronic fatigue and has a great stress relieving affect. Not just the eating. The aroma of chocolate improves your mood and has an impact on your feelings. This sweet and aromatic smell has a massive impact on the brain, setting you up to fully relax. It stimulates your senses and links to experiences of chocolate from your past.

When you combine the chocolate aroma, chocolate taste and the smooth creaminess of the massage moisturiser then you have a one of the deepest and sensually relaxing massages you could ever book. Arriving to the smell of chocolate and being in a room with an Adonis will create one of the most sensual experiences of your life. Having a bite of dark chocolate as you begin your massage will send your mind whirling with what can happen. Creating a euphoria of fantasy and desire. Being massaged with chocolate or cacao moisturising cream will reduce muscle tension, moisturise the skin and help your mind unwind.

Maybe treat yourself to a date with chocolate and an Adonis masseur.