February marks the beginning of the change between winter and spring and love is in the air, Cupid is starting to shoot arrows, let those already in love celebrate it and those who are single find it. Whatever situation your’e in, there’s few things that makes the heart beat faster… A Sensual touch. Oily firm hands. Calm surroundings. You cant go wrong with a good massage.

Why not book a Couples Massage?

A couples massage can be a great way of giving your other half a special gift than you can enjoy together.

Give your man a massage yourself

If you cant come and see us, and want to make your valentines even more special then why not give your partner a massage yourself. Giving a good massage is hard, giving a great massage is truly an art, but here is our quick handy guide to help you on your way…

Set the Massage mood

Candles can create a soothing and relaxing atmosphere. Place candles in jars or line the hallway carefully with large tealights on saucers. (Keep them away from fabrics and rugs and don’t leave them unattended, obvs.) Line the edge of the bath, across the drawers or on the bedside tables. Take it one step further and use scented candles; lavender for calming and soothing, eucalyptus for energising and focus, lemon help you open your mind and support information retention, we could go on, you get the point . If you have an oil burner or an essential oils wax burner then adding these oils can create the right mood for you.

Why not take your mood to the next level, fresh rose petals on the floor in a hot drawn bath, leading your eyes towards the bed. Have their favourite flowers in a vase in the room you’re going to have the massage. Have a freshly chilled bottle of water or better still, bubbly and some valentine chocolates…. The mood may be more energised with the essence of romance from dark strawberry filled chocolates.

Next is the Music. Music can add even more sensuality and romance to the massage. Choose relaxing songs that have a romantic connection between you both or have romantic memories attached. Tip: don’t use a random Spotify playlist as you don’t want to be interrupted with adverts.

Naked or clothed? Choose whether you are going to me naked or you are going to wear some sexy new underwear or jock. We believe naked is always best.

Massage table or bed

We have previously written about the massage table and that is always a good read. Right now, you don’t need to be running out and buying a massage table. If you have one then great, get it set up, covered in fresh towels, head piece in place and a rolled towel for your feet and depending on how romantic and sensual you want to make it maybe a towel to cover their private regions. Otherwise the bed is great.

Clear the bed from any and all pillows, remove the duvet and tidy the room. Set the mood in and around the bed. It might be great to have fresh bedding ready to go back on the bed and for your massage put a fresh bed sheet down. Get the largest freshly laundered towels you have and lay them in the space you wish to use. We suggest across the bed so what would be the side of the bed is now the top and toe. Wrap a pillow in another fresh towel and place where you plan the head to rest and roll a towel and place where the feet will rest. Add the rose petals around the towels not on the towels, trust us, rose petals stuck to your chest will interfere with the massage and may interrupt the romantic mood.

The Massage Oil

For the first timer you can buy a small bottle of massage oil from Boots or Superdrug if you like to have a massage on more than one occasion then search the internet for good massage oils. We don’t use it inless requested but baby oil can also be used if you have no massage oil. When it comes to essential oils, only add oils if you have experience of adding essential oils. You can buy oils with essential oils added from the internet. Have a read of the oil blends we use at the Adonis Studio and then decide which is best for your romantic valentine’s massage. You can also use a good coconut oil will be a good and moisturising as other oils. The aromatic smell of coconut will add to the mood you have set.

The Massage

Start with your loved one on their front. Start at the head of your lover and rub oil into your hands to warm it up and then apply to your lovers back. Start lightly and then apply more pressure if needed, you don’t want to beat them up, it’s sensual and relaxing. After the back, do the arms, legs and glutes. Then flip them over and do the front. oooh er.  Tip – Try not to massage over the spine, it’s not advised or pleasant.

The most important part is you both to enjoy the massage and relax yourself. Do what feels most comfortable and you will find a rhythm that works for you both.