Guide to Manchester’s Gay Village

Embroiled in a rich history, and an unbeatable electric atmosphere, Canal Street in Manchester, otherwise known as ‘The Gay Village’, is a hub of joy, inclusion and fun all day, every day.

We know that not all cities are lucky enough to have a district where we can go and find other kindred spirits, so it is often that the LGBTQA+ community from around the country travel far and wide to visit what is considered gay capital of the north.

For those of you who have never been before, we have gone to the liberty of compiling a short ‘guide’ to the gay village to help you on your journey.

If on the other hand you also want to venture outside the village and want some fun suggestions, check out 10 Other Fun Things To Do In Manchester

Manchester Must-see’s

Laden with various pubs, clubs and restaurants, you would be forgiven for feeling a little bit spoiled for choice.

So, we have listed a few of our favorites to get you started, but of course we recommend you try it out for yourself and choose your own favorite.

Pop the following bars on your list and you wont regret it; Bar Pop, The Molly House, Via, & G-A-Y.

If you’re after a quick bite and a little but of class, The Richmond Tea Rooms is a popular place to stop. Mystical and magical, the Alice in Wonderland themed eatery serves up afternoon tea and tasty treats for you to enjoy.

Alas, sometimes the evening creeps up on you, and all you need something greasy to nibble on before you make your way into the night. Now we aren’t calling it fine dining, and this could just as easily make it’s way onto the don’t-you-dare list, but there are certain fast food establishments that have been part of canal street for so long, that they have become a somewhat cult classic. I cant believe I am saying this, but go and try McTucky’s.

Manchester Don’t

More often than not, so long as everyone is being lovely and respectful, the ‘rules’ of the Gay Village are that there aren’t any rules.

However, to avoid some heart-ache, we have written a list of guidelines to keep you on the right tracks.

  1. Be Kind and respectful of all – Manners are sexy
  2. Keep an eye out for each other
  3. Try, wherever possible, not to travel along the canal late at night

Manchester If-you’re-into-that

If you’re looking to explore every corner of yourself, and the person next to you, there are a few places in the Village that you should keep your eyes peeled for.

Some of our picks aren’t strictly within the confines of the gay village, but they are all close.

For fetish nights and all things out of the hetero-normativity, visit the following spots for the time of your life; The Eagle, Basement Complex, Alert, Decadence Club and Club Lash.