gay Massage Vs Escort

Gay Massage? or Escort?

999 times out of 1000 our clients are aware of what they book and very happy with the level of sensuality and intimacy the massage they book provide. But once in a blue moon we get someone who books a massage but what they expected was full escort services. So, to clarify the matter, we thought we would write a blog. As ya do.

The Question?

Would you book an barber appointment and, have it and leave unhappy because you got an excellent haircut AND a beard trim, but they didn’t give you a top up on your spray tan and the back, sack and crack wax you also really wanted but didnt book?

No, obviously.

So please don’t book a massage and be cheesed off or confused when you don’t get an escort. If you want an escort because thats what you actually want, please book one.

We get it, it can be confusing, Here’s why.

We are happy to admit the line between gay massage and escorts is and probably always has been a very thin line, usually drawn in a very grey area, but there still is a line.

What can sometimes make it confusing is some masseurs are also escorts and some are not. And some may add ‘a little more on’ because both you and the masseur mutually consent to extend the level of intimacy. Red blooded males taking part in an intimate experience and all that. This can have nothing to do with the service you’ve booked and is just a bonus.

Every gay masseurs’ line is different, add onto that each massage type has the line in a different place, it can get a little confusing. Having a good read of the website, and the massage you want to book will explain where that line is, and if you’re still not sure, then ask. We arn’t shy.

gay Massage Vs Escort
gay Massage Vs Escort

Are you top or bottom?

For clarity, the ‘are you top or bottom’ question is a moot point as regardless of the above, all and any massage booked through Adonis will never extend to that type of full services.
If you so want an escort with the guarantee of the full services an escort will provide, that’s great, Hire one and get exactly what you want. Dont book a massage.

The Deluxe Massage


If you want a massage in Manchester with all the many trimmings a gay massage has to offer, from trained and 5 star reviewed therapists at Adonis Massage, then we recommend our Deluxe massage.

This is not only an excellent massage but also a VERY intimate and sensual experience. Its the best massage for keeping on top of every aspect of your massage self care. With Mutual touching and exploration allowed, body to body contact and you can do to the masseur what they are doing to you, you are bound to leave very happy.

Our Deluxe massages in Manchester are available as a 60, 90 or 120 minute appointment.

If you’re still not sure, or there’s something specific you want, it’s always best to make sure you know where the line is with the particular masseur and massage you want to book and you pick the best massage for you.

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