Chakras in massage and Tantra

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Chakras are markers for the main points of focus in our body’s energy flow system. Understanding chakras is an important part of understanding holistic healing treatments such as massage due to their influence over the mind and the body.

What you need to know about the 7 main chakras –

Base Chakra (also known as the root chakra) – Muladhara

Located at the bottom of the spine, the root chakra is the closest to the earth, making it a focal point for keeping grounded as well as stabilizing the earths energy. It also refers to the basic needs of a human, often connected to sexuality and fertility. The health of this chakra will have a direct impact on the physical sexuality of a person, their mental stability, their sensuality and how spiritually secure they feel.

Each chakra is associated with a colour, an element, a bodily sense and an endocrine gland. The colour associated with the base chakra is red, its element is the earth and its sense is smell.

Sacral chakra – Suadhestara

The sacral chakra is found at in the upper sacrum, underneath the belly button. This chakra is referred to by many as the center point of self expression and joy. It is a driving force of impulsiveness, its key issues are surrounding the subjects of relationships, violence and addiction. The health of this chakra will impact a persons reproductivity, their creativity, joy and enthusiasm.

The colour association for this chakra is orange, its element is water and its sense is taste.

Solar Plexus Chakra – Manipur

The location of the Solar Plexus is between the sternum and the navel. The three major chakras that are situated below the heart are related to physical bodily experiences and all that we engage with via the use of our senses. The chakras above the heart refer to emotional and spiritual markers of existence. The Solar plexus is the last chakra located beneath the heart, meaning its drivers are concerned with the body. Having said this, its key issues are power, fear, anxiety and introversion. It powers digestion and a strong Solar Plexus chakra with inspire growth in a person.

Its colour association is yellow, its element is fire and its sense is sight.

Heart Chakra – Anhata

The heart chakra is found exactly where you might expect, In the center of the chest. The key issues that are linked to the heart chakra are passion, tenderness, rejection and the issues of our inner children. Its strength promotes feelings of unconditional love and compassion, passion and spiritual devotion. Not only this but it is also said that a healthy heart chakra improves bodily circulation.

Its colour of influences is pink, as well as green. Its element is air and its sense is touch.

Throat Chakra – Vishuddha

The throat chakra is located in the throat area of the body. It is considered a vital link from the heat to the higher chakras in the raising of consciousness. The key issues that the throat chakra deals with are related to self expression, communication and will. The health of this chakra will have a positive effect on the communicative aspects of life, resulting in the promotion of emotional independence and spiritual security

The throat chakras colour association is turquoise, its element is ether and its sense is hearing.

Third Eye Chakra – Ajna

This chakra, located in the center of the brow, is all about being able to trust instincts and following inner guidance. Its key issue is balancing the higher or lower self. The strength of this chakra will instigate strong intuition, clarity and will make the process of meditation easier.

Its colour of influence is deep blue or white, its element is the spirit and is sense is extra sensory perception.

Crown Chakra – Sahasrara

this chakra pure consciousness and balance. It focuses on a more pure experience, its key issues surrounding inner wisdom and the leaving behind of the body. The strength of this chakra promotes a healthy central nervous system and brain function. It is said to be a releaser of karmic energies, as well as promoting meditation. Its health activates universal consciousness and unity through transcendental consciousness.

The crown chakras colour association is violet, its element is spirit and it has connection to all of the senses.

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