Before your Massage

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What to do before you massageWhat to do before you massage

Are you super excited and counting the minutes away before your male to male massage? Thought so. Here are a few pointers on stuff to do, or not to do before your appointment.

Don’t be sloshed

It’s best to not drink alcohol before a massage and certainly not turn up absolutely smashed. A good massage therapist will not proceed with an appointment anyway if someone comes drunk as the proverbial skunk.

No Drugs

No drugs. Period.

Food, to eat or not to eat.

It’s best not to eat tons of food before your massage.

But it’s also not good to be lying there frustrated and not in the moment because all you want is something to shuv in your mouth. Your stomach rumbling may be original backing to the massage music but its doesn’t make a massage comfortable if your starving.

Be on time

It’s important that you do not arrive more than 5 mins before your appointment time. This insures that the only person you will see, and who will see you, is your masseur. Equally try not to be late, your appointment time starts at the time you book so you really don’t want to be stuckin traffic knowing your actually missing massage time.

Spill The Beans

Inform your masseur of any Medical conditions, allergies or new and old injuries before your massage starts.

Think about the afters
Try and leave some free time after your massage. either so you can chill out a little and not have to rush off like man possessed, also if you have a little free time after and decide you want to extend your massage, you can do this if you have planned ahead. If your masseur has no appointments immediately after yours then its fine to ask in the massage it you want to extend the time a little.