After Your Massage

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What to do after your gay massage

So, you’ve had your massage, feel all relaxed, released all that tension, and now you want to know how to make the chilled fuzzy feeling last?

H2O, drink it

Although the guy in the pic might be having some object / mouth coordination problems, after your massage, make sure you drink lots of water. A good massage stimulates your lymph, circulation and flush out toxins. Drinking water will help this process. Most people don’t drink enough water anyway, so go on, glug it down.

Go and Chill, maybe watch Netflix

You will feel very relaxed after you massage so, to get the most benefit from the experience we recommend your post massage activities to not be something too energetic or stimulating. Just go and chill. This is especially important for a deep tissue massage.

Don’t pig out

Just like before your massage. Don’t go and chow down on half a side of cow. Eating too much food can make you feel bloated and groggy. #FoodComa.

Avoid alcohol and caffeine

As stated above it’s best if you drink plenty of water and as both alcohol and caffeine dehydrate you, its best to avoid the, for at least an hour or afterwards. Don’t pull your face. It’s not gonna kill ya.

Book another massage

Oh yes, We went there. But on a serious note, a regular massage can do you the world of good. Get cracking book another massage…