A nice cuppa tea will help you relax…

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Like essential oils; having a nice fresh hot brew can help you relax, increase the effects of your massage and ultimately give the best post rub down bliss for a relaxed evening/day. After a massage you are advised to hydrate and stay away from stimulating drinks such as tea, coffee, energy drinks and alcohol. Yes, I know we have just said no tea but what we mean is to limit your caffeine intake. This is because caffeine wakes you up, stimulates the brain and dehydrates the body. A good brew throughout the day can help you fight of the fatigue, but it can also interfere with a good night sleep.

Herbal teas on the other hand can stimulate the senses in a number of ways depending on the herb. They can help you relax or help you detox, and help melt away the stress of the day.

Herbal tea is defined as a infused with spices, herbs and plant material and do not involve tea leaves. Across Europe, people refer to herbal tea as “tisane” and this is a more precise reference as tea is usually a blend of leaves, barks, fruits, roots or flowers of almost any edible plant extracted with hot water. Be careful though as some herbal teas (tisane) do contain caffeine. Benefits of a herbal tea involve; relaxing, soothing the stomach and or fighting inflammations. Another great advantage to an herbal tea is they can be enjoyed hot and cold. So, on a hot summer’s day a cold brew can also quench your thirst whereas on a cold winter’s night could warm up your cockles.

Herbal teas as they are made from a mixture of infusions of spices and all-natural ingredients, they have a high concentration of antioxidants.

Our top 5 herbal teas to help you recover and relax:


Chamomile tea has been around the continents for a very long time and although the main suppliers grow this on mass, you can find chamomile plants in the wild and possibly in your back garden. Chamomile tea goes great with a massage where your therapist has used chamomile oils on your skin. The smell sends your senses wild with a defined mood to relax and the taste is so calming that just holding a hot brew of chamomile can get you ready for bed.

Chamomile helps calm the nervous system especially the parasympathetic nervous system, reduces body stress and tension, helps with digestive conditions and helps boost the immune system and even fights bacteria.

After that massage a good cup of chamomile will let you unwind and be ready for a good night sleep. Even have this in your post massage routine or pre bedtime routine to ensure you get an amazing nights sleep.


Cinnamon is actually the soft, inner bark of a variety of tree species that can be found in Sri Lanka and South India. This herbal tea is linked to the cold nights of winter as cinnamon is used at Christmas for drinks, cooking, baking and fragrances. Reports on the use of cinnamon date back to 2000BC and is used widely today and there are many different species within the Cinnamomum genus which are effective.

Cinnamon helps improve focus and cognitive speed as it encourages the growth of neural pathways. Like chamomile it can be used to settle and upset stomach or irritated digestive system. Many travel sickness remedies involve cinnamon or ginger. As it is natural and you use it directly, it has been known to boost the immune system. Cinnamon is used widely in the kitchen for cooking and baking.

The affect a hot cinnamon brew has after your massage is amazing. It stimulates your happy senses and creates an atmosphere you will want to revisit after every massage. Leaving you happy and relaxed.


Lemongrass is another herb than anyone can grow in the garden or inside in a flowerpot. It is known for its health benefits which are better than taking a vitamin supplement. You would probably find lemongrass in any Asian style cooking as it is very flavoursome.

Lemongrass helps in the elimination to cholesterol, fat and other toxins and uric acid. It has been found to lower blood pressure and help fluid retention. Having lemongrass in your diet or as a herbal tea helps the health of your hair and skin. Great for an after massage therapy to help improve the condition of the skin.

The oils from your massage plus the effect of a good lemon grass brew mean your skin will feel amazing, refreshed and looking more radiant.


From a flavour to a medicine, peppermint has been used across Asia and Europe for many hundreds of years. It has been used more broadly in today’s modern world as a flavour for sweets, mouthwash, toothpaste and tea.

Peppermint oil is known for its effect on reducing muscle pain and relieving tensions. Small doses of peppermint oil on your temple or in a massage oil blend can alleviate tension, reduce muscle soreness or reduce symptoms of a migraine/headache.

Peppermint tea can have a similar affect. Just the aroma from a hot cup of peppermint tea can help continue the relaxation process after your massage and then the taste can stimulate your senses to allow you to relax even more. A great after massage brew to leave you relaxed and your senses stimulated.


Passionflower has been used throughout history from the Native Americans to the Spanish explorers. It has been found to aid a number of conditions such as healing wounds to aiding sleep.

Studies have shown that passionflower could help relieve insomnia and anxiety. Drinking any herbal tea once can have an impact on your health but having a tea you use regular can improve your health, this is the same as booking a regular massage to reap the full benefits of the therapy.

Drinking passionflower herbal tea on a regular nightly basis, according to studies undertaken, improves the quality of your sleep.  There is evidence that drinking a herbal tea such as passionflower helps people with irregular sleeping patterns. After a massage you will definitely want to get a good night sleep, drinking a passionflower brew will help ensure you maximise the affects from your massage.

Visiting us her at Adonis is step one towards total relaxation and like any type of therapy, a repeat prescription and follow up is essential.

Look forward to seeing you at your next massage in Manchester and to hear about which hot brews you have found useful in relieving your muscle tension, helping you sleep and improve your health.