Lemon – this is a great fragrance to have around and use in the home. It has a strong potent fragrance that captures your senses. It has purity properties and will cleanse a room. It has been known to recharge a space with positive vibes. We associate lemons with other citrus fruits which create a feeling we associate to the sunny days, summer and holidays. Creates a smile and a happy feeling.

Peppermint – like the lemon scent the potent nature of this fragrance means people identify with it quickly. They can relate this smell with childhood memories. Be careful with mint as it is linked to allergies. Peppermint has properties that fight seasonal allergies. Like the lemon oil it boosts energy in a room.

Lavender – lavender oil is great at helping people sleep. People have been known to put fresh lavender flowers in a small bag and place under the pillow which helps you relax and sleep. It has been proven scientifically to reduce anxiety and helps soothe the brain.

Frankincense – an oil that most know is expensive and used in a variety of ways. It is a great oil that has been linked treating stress and anxiety. The fragrance is very stimulating and has inflammatory properties and has been used to reduce pain.

Bergamot – this oil has been linked back to Ancient Chinese medicine and is usually found in black tea. Very helpful with aiding digestion and has been linked to also aiding depression. The smell of this essential oil has a very relaxing effect on the mind and is great when subtly used with other fragrances.

Eucalyptus – during this time of lockdown keeping your immune health is a top priority. Eucalyptus oil is great for helping treat colds and the flu. The smell is very potent and the oil when used on the skin has properties of aches and pains.

Chamomile – a great way to relieve head tension and get ready for bed. Chamomile has calming properties and is great a tea. The essential oil is great in an oil burner while getting ready for bed. It has a great at promoting good sleep and helps treat insomnia. A chamomile candle burning on the bedside table will help you unwind on many levels.

Orange – orange essential oil is like lemon oil; it is very potent and if you don’t particularly like lemons you probably are a more orange fan when it comes to citrus fruits. Oranges link to memories of summer, sun and holidays thus have been known to be used to combat depression.

Essential oils are great for helping set a mood, help change the energy in a room or create a relaxing atmosphere. Used with candles and music can be the best way to relax during lockdown.

When using any essential oils be careful and if unsure seek professional advice. Do not use oils directly on the skin, always use base oils if massaging. When using oil burners make sure they are on suitable sturdy surfaces, use safety house tealights and always make sure they have cooled before moving. A safer way to burn essential oils is by buying essential oil infused candles as these come in their own containers and have a burning time.

Hopefully all the above can help keep a little bit of relaxation alive at the moment until you can get booked in for your next male to male gay massage in Manchester.