30, 60 or 90 minutes Massage?

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30, 60 or 90 minutes Massage?You want to book a male to male massage for not sure what length you want?

Many clients have questions about the length of a massage and we can honestly say there are some pro’s and con’s to each length.

The 30 Minute Massage

The Express Massage

A quick 30 minute appointment can alleviate many stresses and is a good way to just take time out. This doesn’t however allow time to fully work the entire body but if your a little short on time it’s a great option to quench your massage cravings.

The 60 Minute Massage

The Popular choice

Most clients go for this option. 60 minutes is a good chunk that allows time for you to relax and time for your masseur to get to know you, explore your muscles, work on any problem areas or knots, and make sure you leave happy and relaxed.

The 90 Minute Massage

The Biggie

The 90 minute massage allows your masseur to really focus on every single muscles group. This really is a full body massage be it Swedish, deep tissue, Naturist or Body to Body.

As the body takes time to relax the 90 minutes gives a good balance for the body to be explored for aches and tension, time to work these muscles, by then you will have reached a heightened state and then when we add the sensual touch then you fully relax for the last part of the experience.